How to Stop Facebook Tracking

How to Stop Facebook Tracking from Spying Your Privacy Privacy has not been a prominent issue on Facebook as well as the other services it provides. The flaws and problems are frequently spotted but are only discovered after flaws have been thoroughly investigated. On this post you will learn how to stop facebook tracking from spying on your activities while using facebook.

You have landed on this post because you have been trying to learn how to stop facebook tracking from spying on your privacy. One of the latest reports revealed the gathering of data through Facebook every time its internal browser for its apps was opened. This could be stopped by changing a setting in the mobile app.

Facebook is likely to collect all the interactions you perform by your browser. This happens through the injection of JavaScript into the pages you visit and the user is not in control of or preventing this procedure.

Contrary to claims Meta refused these accusations and explained that this was a way to gather statistical data regarding the usage of the browser. Anyone who would like to safeguard their privacy and be more secure can do it easily and swiftly. You just need to activate a straightforward option.

You change the setting of the Facebook app for your device be it iPhones or Android. Simply open the app and then select the menu that is on the right-hand edge of your screen. It will open various options, and you can choose the cogwheel on the top.

In the list you can scroll down towards the middle of the  options until you see an option called Multimedia Content option.

Then, at the bottom of this list, you’ll find the option of opening links externally, which you need to enable. It is then available for use and the links on Facebook are opened on the phone’s default browser.

Facebook will then stop monitoring user users’ usage and collecting information, so they are free from any issues or concerns.


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