Summary of CES 2022

Summary of CES 2022

After the COVID-19 epidemic compelled the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which organizes the exhibition, to conclude it a day early, CES 2022 is coming to an end today, Friday, January 7.

That’s not the only modification the epidemic has made to the event; while though the CTA is holding the exhibition in Las Vegas, several businesses choose not to go, choosing instead to organize virtual events in their place.

Additionally, a lot of publications, including TechRadar, chose not to go in person. The fact that we are remotely covering CES 2022 won’t stop us from bringing you the most recent information and announcements from the event, though. Visit our CES 2022 news and announcements live blog to stay up to date.

Despite the fact that TVs were only briefly mentioned in a few keynotes, manufacturers have been frequently releasing information about their lineups for 2022.

Samsung was the first to introduce several new mini-LED QLED TV models. The new series sports an improved New Home Screen UI with an NFT Store (yeah, it’s a crazy year) and the potential to reach 144Hz when connected to an Nvidia 30-series GPU. Samsung also unveiled a more limited selection of MicroLED panels, but given the high cost of the technology so far, we don’t anticipate seeing them in the homes of the majority of people any time soon.

The C2 and G2 series of OLED devices, which employ the new Alpha a9 Gen 5 CPU, were unveiled by LG at CES 2022, adhering to its tried-and-true game plan. The C2 Series will be available in two sizes, 48 inches and 42 inches, making it a terrific choice for gamers. Expect future QNED versions with improved contrast control to compete with the QLED TVs Samsung released this year.

Sony was one of the latest manufacturers to reveal their devices, although it undoubtedly had the finest performance of the group. This is due to the fact that Sony’s new A95K was the only product to display a QD-OLED screen that was ready for consumer usage.

Finally, it’s important to notice the models that Hisense and TCL also unveiled at CES. The 2022 series from Hisense includes models for every price category, including the U7K, which could unseat the TCL 6-Series as the best mid-range model currently available. TCL regrettably had no updates to provide on the 6-Series, but it did announce that it will be releasing the next iteration of its mini-LED technology this year. The issue? The TCL TV is not exactly inexpensive; it is anticipated to cost $9,999.


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