Taking good picture with your phone’s camera

Taking good picture with your phone’s camera: Having a good camera does not always guarantee a top-notch photo. Sometimes, not having a good picture can be a major setback. We have a few tips to help you set up your camera so that you can take good pictures with it:

1. Adjust the camera settings on your phone

As much as our phone comes with an automatic mode setting, your image can still get blurry. What is best is to check the camera’s settings, such as aspect ratio, smart face, HDR, and camera brightness. After these settings, your image is going to get better.

2. Download other photo editing apps

Another way of getting a good photo is to download photo apps for editing such as Snapchat, pixel lab, etc. These apps tend to enhance your pictures by cropping, filtering, and also adding effects.

3. Select a high-resolution setting

To get a good image, you have to ensure that your phone’s resolution is high. High resolution gives your picture more clarity and details as you can take your camera close to the object instead of zooming in on the object. To avoid a low resolution, you should get a great camera.

4. Use your back camera more often

The back camera is better when you expect a good picture from your camera. As we know, all smartphones have both front and back cameras, and the front camera is best for video conferencing. Nevertheless, the front camera takes good pictures, but not as much as the back camera with more megapixels. 

5. Cleanse your lenses

 At every point your phone is in your pocket, it is expected that there is dirt on the screen and lenses. At this point, you are expected to clean the lenses before taking a good image. This tip is something you should not take with levity as it gives a clear image.

6. Using tripods or selfie sticks

For those who love slo-mo pictures, this tip is the best. Using a tripod stand or selfie stick is good for taking good pictures. This gadget is available in different sizes.

7. Exposure to light

One major issue faced by people is the lack of natural light. The best way to take photographs indoors is to look out for sunlight. During night pictures, you should look for the nearest light exposure. 

8. Panorama modes

Most phones come with this mode but in case it does not come with it, you can always install it on your phones. These modes help you take a landscape picture while standing at a point. You can also set the camera into a burst.

9. Position well

 In the course of taking a good picture, ensure you are looking out for a big tree in front of you and the green snake that is capable of biting you. 


Following the tips above will help you get the quality of pictures you desire. Taking a good picture is about you adjusting the camera settings of your phone.


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