Telegram deactivate usernames from inactive channels

Telegram deactivate usernames from inactive channels -The Messenger has deleted a number of Telegram usernames that have been connected to inactive or empty channels for at least a year. The action was announced by the owner of the messenger, Pavel Durov. We recommend you read WhatsApp now has native Windows App.

Durov claimed that Iranian cybersqu**tters held 70% of all reserved usernames on Telegram, leading to the development of meaningless names. This prevented many users from getting the names they wanted for their accounts, groups, or channels, especially new users.

The company declared that it had reclaimed control of these names, which new users can now select. 99% of the names will be made available to the public once more during this process, while the remaining 1% (those brief, valuable names) will be auctioned off, as Durov suggested in the previous post. The names will then be sold and turned into NFTs1.

Setting geographic and algorithmic restrictions on username creation will be the new measure taken to ensure that the issue never arises again.

The Telegram owner claims that “this change will benefit the majority of our users,” despite the fact that the company’s action may enrage some who “hoarded” usernames.


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