Top 10 Best Features Of The Lucid Air Electric Car

Top 10 Best Features Of The Lucid Air Electric Car

Top 10 Best Features Of The Lucid Air Electric Car: These days, electric vehicles offer much more than just an environmentally friendly alternative. Electric vehicles, which push the boundaries of technology, luxury, and specifications, have a clear high-end market. The Lucid Air, which has begun to arrive on the driveways of pre-order customers, is at the top of the luxury heap.

Originally a battery manufacturer, Lucid made the decision to compete against Tesla right away. Lucid has made it possible to produce the high-end Air range of cars in a relatively short amount of time, pushing the boundaries of both performance and battery capacity. By appointing Peter Rawlinson, a former Tesla Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and Chief Engineer of their flagship Model S, as their CEO/CTO, they have also gained an advantage over their main competitors.

The Model S was far outclassed by the Air in one crucial area, and it has many amazing features. Here are the top ten characteristics of what is arguably the best electric car available right now.

10 Best Features Of The Lucid Air Electric Car

1.  It has the longest range of any electric car Lucid

2. A range of 300 miles after only 20 minutes of charging

3. No cost quick charging Elevate America

4. The Lucid Air has cutting-edge security features

5. Modern driver assistance technologies

6. Nearly Hypercar-level performance is provided by The Air

7. Lucid’s powertrain and small motors are powerful Lucid

8. A cockpit with a glass canopy and a roomy interior Lucid

9. Lucid offers a variety of comfort features, including reclining rear seats

 10.California-inspired sustainable fittings Lucid

1. It has the longest range of any electric car Lucid: The Lucid Air’s top-of-the-line model’s 520-mile maximum range is its best feature. By a wide margin, this is the maximum distance an electric vehicle can go between charges. This accomplishment is a testament to Lucid’s background and dedication to battery research. To put that into perspective, a Lucid Air can travel, in ideal circumstances, from New York City to Boston and then from Boston to a location that is within five miles of Philadelphia. Because of the increased range and the Air’s blazing-fast recharge times, your car may not need to be plugged in as frequently as it otherwise would.

The Model S, which was previously the best long-distance electric vehicle, comes in second, but it’s not even close. The Model S would exhaust its battery 115 miles after the Lucid Air despite having a staggering 405 miles of range on a single charge. When the EPA finalized its projections for the maximum range of the Air in 2021, Lucid replaced Tesla as the market leader.

2. A range of 300 miles after only 20 minutes of charging: Two of the main issues with electric vehicles are their limited range and lengthy charging times. You can quickly refuel your conventional car or crossover hybrid if the tank is getting low and continue driving. You might have to spend hours charging an electric car. With a Lucid Air, which can extend your range by 300 miles in as little as 20 minutes, this is not the case. You do need to connect your Air to a DC fast charger that can reach a peak charging rate of 300 KW/h in order to achieve those speeds, and those aren’t readily available everywhere.

According to Lucid, the Air’s 900 volt plus electric architecture enables its quick charging times. There is technology available to make the most of your situation even if the charging station lacks the fast chargers required to get your Air back on the road in 20 minutes. In order to help deliver the fastest charge possible, the Air’s Wunderbox Boost Charger first detects the capabilities of a charging station before adjusting and boosting the incoming voltage.

3. No cost quick charging Elevate America: The cost per mile of an all-electric vehicle may already seem reasonable given the rising cost of gasoline. However, if you could power your car for nothing, that would be even better, and that is what Lucid is giving customers who reserve an Air before June 2022. The offer entitles recipients to free charging for their Lucid Air until 2025 at any of Electrify America’s 750 charging stations, as well as any of the 81 stations that are currently under construction and are finished before your free charging offer expires. Additionally, the charging stations have 350 kW ultrafast chargers that can give a Lucid Air 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes.


There is no “catch” in this situation, and Electrify America’s stations are evenly spaced out across the country. Some people will profit more from this deal than others, but 750 isn’t a big number when you consider that the continental United States is only the size of a small parking lot. Although it’s unlikely that this offer will last indefinitely, it might not expire in June either. Its initial deadline of December 2021 has already been extended (via Torque News). Therefore, if you are unable to submit your deposit by June, keep an eye out because you might still be in luck.

4. The Lucid Air has cutting-edge security features: When you’re traveling at highway speeds, the glass canopy might seem a little flimsy, but don’t worry. With safety in mind, the Air was created. The bonded aluminum frame used in Lucid’s vehicles adds structural rigidity without adding weight. Nine airbags that are strategically positioned throughout the Air’s interior help to protect passengers from collisions. Two child safety seat anchors are built into the back seats, and the car’s glass is laminated, making it difficult to shatter.

Additionally designed to prevent accidents is the Air. Drivers should be able to avoid hazardous situations thanks to the battery pack’s positioning, which should improve the vehicle’s handling. Additionally, DreamDrive exists to assist drivers in avoiding mishaps. According to Lucid, its software will make “split-second decisions” to protect the safety of the car and its occupants. The Air, according to the manufacturer, has been built to go above and beyond all applicable safety regulations.

5. Modern driver assistance technologies: Lucid’s driver assistance systems are Dreamdrive and the more sophisticated Dreamdrive Pro. A network of 32 sensors, including 14 visible-light cameras, five radar sensors, four surround-view cameras, and numerous ultrasonic sensors, forms the core of Dreamdrive. Dreamdrive Pro, which includes all of the aforementioned features in addition to a laser range finder with an incredibly wide field of view, is a standard feature of the Lucid Air Dream Edition and Lucid Air Grand Touring. While driving down the road or in dense traffic, these sensors will help you stay in your lane. Additionally, they ought to function effectively in a range of weather conditions.

30 driver assistance features are available from Lucid, including automatic parking, auto-braking, and a bird’s eye view while reversing. Even though self-driving vehicles might not be available for a few more years, Lucid plans to provide a “pilot mode” with the air that, in certain situations, will let the driver take their hands off the wheel for a considerable amount of time.

6. Nearly Hypercar-level performance is provided by The Air: Yes, those who are concerned about the environment should definitely consider the Lucid Air. One of these could be connected to a field of solar panels, making it a remarkably environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The majority of its specifications, however, put it on par with some hypercars, so that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The 1,111 horsepower is a significant amount of power. The acceleration levels in the air are also bone-crunching, going from 0 to 60 in only 2.5 seconds. That is only 0.2 seconds slower than a Bugatti Chiron, which costs about one twentieth as much. According to Lucid, the Air can travel a quarter of a mile in under 10 seconds.

A Lucid Air’s top speed is the only thing keeping it from being able to match hypercars on all fronts. Its top speed is “only” 168 mph. Additionally, buyers must choose between vehicle range and performance because you cannot have both. Or, to be more precise, neither can be pushed to the very edge of the same model. No matter which version you select, the top speed remains at 168 mph.

7. Lucid’s powertrain and small motors are powerful Lucid: The car’s motors and power train have been scaled down to help maximize the interior volume and storage capacity, but they still have a significant amount of punch. The two motors that make up Lucid can each produce up to 670BHP while weighing only 160lb and being about the size of a carry-on bag for an airplane. All of this is a part of the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform, or “LEAP,” as it is known. The LEAP includes two motors that, according to Lucid, are the world’s most powerful for their size and weight, as well as cutting-edge silicon carbide metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) designed to reduce energy loss and increase the vehicle’s range.

The advancements made by Lucid in the development of motors and batteries will extend beyond the Air. The improvements will enable Lucid Motors, whose CEO and CTO is Peter Rawlinson, to “offer future models that achieve competitive range from proportionately smaller battery packs, thereby saving cost, weight, and space,” according to Rawlinson.

8. A cockpit with a glass canopy and a roomy interior Lucid: The rear seats are just the beginning of the jet-like features. In their “cockpit,” Lucid includes a “5k glass screen.” All of the driver’s instruments are displayed on the UHD screen, allowing you to see your speed, mileage, battery life, and other information while experiencing flight. Even the “pilot panel,” which enables you to customize what appears on your display, has been given that name.

The “glass canopy,” another feature of this car so opulent it had to be modeled after private planes, enlarges the already roomy interior even further. By finding ways to reduce certain elements, such as the car’s power train components, without compromising functionality, Lucid was able to create this spacious interior. For context, the Lucid claims to provide SUV-level interior space in what is essentially a mid-sized car, all without sacrificing storage space. The Air has numerous compartments throughout the cabin in addition to a double-layer trunk and a sizable “frunk.”

9. Lucid offers a variety of comfort features, including reclining rear seats: The Lucid Air was created to be a luxury automobile, and this design extends beyond the materials used to cover the interior and exterior of the vehicle. While operating one may be enjoyable, riding along with one is also fun. Along with the features you’d anticipate in a luxury car, like heated seats and a massage feature, Lucid also included seats in the Air that maximize the roomy interior and plenty of legroom.

The most distinctive add-on for the seats, according to Lucid, draws inspiration from the sky in a variety of ways. Rear seats will recline in “jet style,” providing passengers with fantastic views through the car’s canopy. This could theoretically go wrong, especially if the sun starts to shine. However, Lucid has also taken that into consideration and added security features to the glass above to shield the car’s occupants from heat and glare.

10.California-inspired sustainable fittings Lucid: It’s entirely possible for the Lucid Air to be carbon neutral from the moment you purchase it, depending on your electricity source. There are no emissions produced by the vehicle, and they aren’t the only part of the air that is clean. According to Lucid, it is “pushing forward with EV innovation that uses the planet’s resources in the most responsible way.” The company claims that California, the state where the company is based, served as inspiration for its design choices.

This dedication extends to the interior of the car, which is made of “sustainably sourced wood” from eucalyptus, walnut, and red oak trees. A blend of alpaca wool and minimally-dyed yarn or 100% recycled yarn, depending on the section, lines the fabric. The leather is the next item, and it is supplied by the Scottish company Bridge of Weir. According to Bridge of Weir, with only 1.1 kilograms of CO2 produced per processed hide, it is the lowest carbon leather supplier in the world. A Lucid Air is one of the greenest vehicle options available today, if not the greenest, both inside and out.

 Lucid Air Electric Car Review

The Lucid Air is an electric vehicle that Lucid Motors manufactures and sells. In particular, the Tesla Model S, the Karma Revero, and the Porsche Taycan, as well as other luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, are the targets of its competition. It was unveiled in December 2016 and is meant to rival these well-established EV brands.

The Dream Edition can reportedly travel 520 miles, according to the EPA (840 km). After the production version was unveiled in September 2020, Lucid began production in late 2021. The Lucid Air Pure was introduced in November 2020, with a starting price of US$77,400 and an estimated range of 406 miles (653 kilometers). The range of trim levels that have been revealed includes Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and Dream Edition versions.


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