How to upgrade to Windows 11 Easily

How to upgrade to Windows 11 Easily – Microsoft’s operating systems are now available. Windows 10 users can get a free upgrade to Windows 11. The installation process is easy if you have a compatible device that meets these minimum requirements. Here is how you can upgrade your computer to Windows 11.

Microsoft states that it’s possible to update to Windows 11 free of charge through one of three ways: the wizard, creating an installation media or downloading the ISO image. We will guide you step-by-step through Microsoft’s assistant. This is a recommended method by the company.

  1. Download the installation wizard from the website first, and go to the Windows 11 Official Website to download the Microsoft Installation Wizard. Click on “Download Now”.
  2. Follow the instructions in the wizard. Open the installer wizard after downloading and follow the instructions from Microsoft. This process can take some time depending on the settings of your computer.
  3. Restart the computer if the wizard does not automatically do the installation, you will need to restart your computer to allow the changes to take place.

Ready! You can now count on the Windows 11 features. You can also install Windows using the other methods mentioned above. You can see how it is done below.

How to create installation media (USB, DVD)

  1. Go to the Windows 11 website, click on the “Create Windows 11 Install Media” tab, and then click “Download Now”.
  2. Accept the terms of the use by opening the installer
  3. Next, select the language and edition you wish to use, then click “Next”.
  4. Choose whether you wish to create installation media via USB/DVD and then proceed.
  5. You can Boot your computer from the media created if you have selected “USB”.

Microsoft recommends that the flash drive have at least 8GB of free space in order to be able to install Windows 11 on your computer. It is also important to keep in mind that all data on the flash drive will be deleted. Before you proceed with an update, make sure to back up all documents, photos, and videos.

If you want to install via DVD then burn the image created by the installer to physical media. Then restart your device.

Update an ISO image

The following steps will help you upgrade to Windows 11 using an ISO image.

  1. The ISO image is available for download from the Windows 11 Official Website
  2. Right-click on the ISO file you have downloaded, and then open it with Windows Explorer.”
  3. After opening, the Windows 11 installation files should be found.
  4. To start the operating system setup, click on “setup.exe”.

Find out more about how you can do a clean installation of Windows 11 at Microsoft.


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