How to Use Folder Lock to protect Folder on your iPhone

How to Use Folder Lock to protect Folder on your iPhone What if you had to temporarily lend someone your iPhone or iPod Touch for use, and you were worried that they might look through your private documents, pictures, videos, and audio, as well as your confidential files that you wanted to keep completely private? If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch, there aren’t many privacy protection options for situations like this.

Despite being far more user-friendly than other touch devices, the iPhone’s privacy protection mechanism lacks various options. The iPhone’s passcode locking feature, which erases all data after ten failed passcode attempts, provides the maximum level of security.

Folder Lock for iPhone is an armor for anyone who cares deeply about their private data. Folder Lock for iPhone protects all types of files, be they your documents, pictures, videos, audio, or any other personal files, regardless of which extension they belong to. It offers complete password protection for your files and folders that you want to keep private.

Beyond the features other iPhone applications provide, this app offers password protection for your private and sensitive data in addition to playing audio and video files inside the app’s interface, which sets it apart from the competition.

It’s also possible that, despite having Folder Lock for iPhone installed, your iPhone will experience hacking attempts to invade the confidentiality of your files. With Folder Lock’s Hack Attempt Monitoring Feature, you can keep tabs on all hacking attempts against your iPhone. The application will display the saved logs of unsuccessful hack attempts and the precise time and date.

Do you want to stop someone from trying to h***k your iPhone? You can block any additional incorrect password attempts using this application’s restrict password attempt feature.

There isn’t a feature like that in the iPhone’s standard Safari browser that would let you download anything at all. That browser is only valid for browsing the web. On the other hand, users can download files from the internet using our built-in browser, including.exe files, mp3 files, non-HTML files, PHP files, etc. Folder Lock for iPhone is once again proving to be one of a kind since no other iPhone application permits such a unique feature.

All you need to do to protect files on an iPhone is to have a Wi-Fi connection established between your computer or MAC and the device. When everything is ready, the application will provide you with an IP address when you tap “Add Files from PC.” You must type this IP address into your computer’s browser’s address bar. Your browser will require the password you chose to log in to the Locker. When you are finished, your browser will take you to a web interface where a green “Add Document (s)” button will be visible. You are safe if you put whatever you want in your Locker! Your files and folders are now shielded from every curious prying eye, as easy as it seems.

Any iPhone user who cares about privacy will appreciate Folder Lock for iPhone’s ability to keep their information secure.


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