How to Verify Your Profile on Tinder

How to Verify Your Profile on Tinder – Tinder is one the finest d*ting app on the planet . You can then swipe left (if you’re attracted to a particular person) or leave (if you’re not willing to chat with them). We recommend you read How to Disable App Store Notifications iOS/iPadOS before learning how to verify tinder.

To ensure you’re talking to real humans, the platform offers an online verification tool for profiles If it’s verified it will show the blue verification symbol beside the name of the person.

Start the Tinder application using your iPhone and then tap on your account tab. Click the gray check mark that is next to your name and your age. Select “Verify your profile” to begin the process.

You will then have to take the selfie as per the way Tinder will display in the app. Click confirm and click “Submit for review”. Follow the remaining steps to finish.

According to Tinder the method of verifying a profile’s is carried out using a combination of human moderator and facial recognition technology. Once this process is completed and verified, a blue check mark should be displayed next the profile.

It’s important to ensure that uploading your pictures are used in verifying purposes (including the future ones). According to the network, any other facial recognition data isn’t kept.


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