when will ford ranger 2023 be available

when will ford ranger 2023 be available

A lot of Ford lovers have been asking “when will ford ranger 2023 be available?”. The first shipments of the brand-new Ford Ranger ute are already their route to Australia, but when dealers were informed of production delays, fresh arrival estimates have been posted online. According to Ford Australia, the 2023 Ford Ranger and 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor will both arrive in local dealerships around a month later than expected, starting in July and August, respectively.

About three weeks after dealers were informed of manufacturing delays leaving the Thailand facility, the updated Ranger delivery estimates suddenly emerged on the Ford Australia website.

Dealers were warned to expect delays, but the full impact hadn’t yet been calculated, Drive reported late last month.

The Next Gen Ford Ranger 2023 Q2 (April to June) manufacturing has been adversely hampered by certain large Chinese cities now being placed under COVID lockdown, according to a dealer notice from Ford Australia published in late April.

For reference, the China COVID lockout has impacted 393 distinct parts used on the Next Generation Ranger from 91 vendors, according to the Ford Dealer Bulletin. The phrase “re-calendarised,” which is taken to indicate “re-scheduled,” was first used in the Ford dealer notice, which is noteworthy. The first shipment of brand-new Ford Ranger 2023 to depart the Thailand facility was documented in pictures during a send-off ceremony last week, according to Ford.

Ford Ranger 2023 Price Review

Drive, meantime, has gotten in touch with Ford Australia to ask about the outrageous dealer delivery costs that some Ford shops are presently levying. Customers have posted screenshots of their bills on social media, revealing that dealer shipping costs may range from $2500 to $6000, with some dealers adding an additional $4000 for paint protection.

A dealer delivery fee of between $1200 and $1800 seems to be added to the full retail price of the car in the majority of Ford Australia stores.

Doubtful dealer delivery fees have come under scrutiny throughout the Australian automotive industry as a result of the protracted scarcity of new car supply over the previous two years.

Dealer delivery costs had completely disappeared or were almost nonexistent prior to the epidemic, when there was an oversupply of new cars.

But now that there is a greater demand than there is a supply of new cars, conventional dealer delivery fees—in addition to extremely high dealer delivery fees—have reappeared.
Dealers that overcharge for delivery costs have rationalised their behaviour by citing supply and demand as a defence.

Even though some may be tempted to charge more, dealers that have kept their standard dealer delivery costs claimed they are aware of the long-term harm caused by high and opportunistic prices. You may shear a sheep hundreds of times, but you can only skin it once, according to a prominent multi-brand vehicle dealer that promises to not overcharge on delivery fees.

You may shear a sheep hundreds of times, but you can only skin it once, according to one prominent multi-brand vehicle dealer that promises to not overcharge on delivery fees.

Ford’s US dealer network is discouraged from overcharging by limiting car allocations to dealers that try to tack on excessive surcharges to invoice pricing.

Ford Australia has been contacted by Drive for comment about its local policy regarding dealer delivery costs, but no answer has been received as of yet.


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