Windows 11: How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install

Windows 11: How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install This is how you can create an bootable USB drive using Windows 11 and take the new operating system wherever you go. It is official that the Windows 11 era is official and the operating system is available to everyone in a stable version that is, you are able to get the latest operating system on your computer. One of the best methods to utilize Windows’ OS is installing it onto a flash drive with a bootable feature and carry with you Windows 11 elsewhere. This is one of the major advantages of installing the software on a physical device and having the ability to use it wherever you need it. It’s not that complicated, read on to learn the steps to follow.


Before you begin the installation first, you must be sure you’ve got the right tools to make the USB flash drive in Windows 11.

You’ll require:

  • A blank flash drive that has at least 8GB of storage. You’ll need to format your flash drive, since it has to be clear;
  • Internet connection
  • The license that works with Windows 11 or have Windows 10 that is eligible to be eligible for Windows 11 upgrade;
  • Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool, which is available here:
    Download Windows 11

Create a bootable USB flash drive using Windows 11

With Microsoft tools that you can make an bootable flash drive using Windows 11 to access via the USB ports on your computer. Find out howto:

Time required: 30 minutes.

  1. Download Microsoft’s tool for creating media on this site ;The software is needed to create physical media using Windows 11; just click on “Download now”;
  2. Start the tool for creating media;You need to have an administrator profile in order to run it.
  3. If you accept, then agree to the terms.Click on “Accept”;
  4. Select the language of your operating system;The language must be identical to the one before to function seamlessly;
  5. Choose the architecture of the system;The system architecture needed to run Windows 11 is 64-bit;
  6. Choose the media you wish to use.Connect an USB flash drive. Keep in mind that all data stored on this device is erased;
  7. Choose the Windows 11 file you downloaded. Windows 11 file;The tool for authoring will have been downloaded onto your flash drive
  8. Start the program and allow the media creation to be completed;After completion, you will get Windows 11 on your flash drive.

In order to install Windows 11 from your pen drive, you’ll have connect it to the computer you’d like to update to the latest operating system, and then restart. To begin booting from the USB device, your PC must be set to boot using USB port. USB port.

To alter this setting, when you power on your computer, hit the key (F2 or F12, or Esc) which will be different for every manufacturer. When you are in the boot menu choose your connected USB device, and then restart. A Windows 11 installation page will appear and you need to hit “Next” to proceed.


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