4 Best App for Android Automation

4 Best App for Android Automation

4 Best App for Android Automation Automating some commands on the Android operating system is a way to save time, device battery and more. The imagination and needs of each of us are the only limits encountered. We may set controls that activate or deactivate another option or service when a criterion is met. You may like How to Read QR Code on Android Phone.

Among the most common and handy uses of applications of this kind are:

  • Automatically switch to the silent profile between certain hours, during calendar events, or when you’re in a certain location;
  • automatic activation of mobile data when a Wi-Fi network disconnects;
  • Enable GPS location when you connect via Bluetooth to your car’s audio system;
  • disabling WI-Fi, Mobile Data, GPS, etc. when the battery percentage drops below a certain level;

Here are some applications in this category, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some are free; some require administrator permissions (ROOT). This should list covers the needs for any Android user. Let’s begin.

1. IF by IFTTT

 – Free

It is an application that does not require ROOT permissions and despite the simple and easy-to-understand interface is quite rich in options. The app focuses more on the interconnection of social media and the usual cloud options. The term “Recipe” is used to describe an automated activity. These Recipes can be created as you like, or you can use ones created and made public by other users. All this in a simple and very easy-to-understand approach.

2. Tasker

This app is the most advanced automation app for Android. The app interface is not as user-friendly as the IF by IFTTT app interface. This takes some time, but once you’ve learned how to use it, things become simple. Tasker is so complex that you can set it to take a front-facing camera photo in the background when someone mistakes your device’s PIN or unlock pattern. Thanks to the variables, the application is practically infinite in options and configuration possibilities to your liking. 

3. Vending machines 

– Free

It’s as powerful as Tasker, but you should find its interface a little friendlier. Not as easy to understand and use as IF by IFTTT but definitely simpler compared to Tasker. Everything is based on “Blocks” connected to each other. These blocks can include activities, events, etc. A group of functional blocks represents a “Flow”. The layout is logical, making a route for the variable options. Normally the application does not require ROOT permissions, but for some more complex activities, it may be necessary. Speaking of permissions, the app doesn’t ask for many permissions upon installation, depending on what activities you’re going to use it will ask for some extensions from Google Play to be installed.

4.Trigger –

Free with limitations

The free application has limited options, but a trial period of the PRO version is available for 7 days, then if you want, you can purchase the application. The trigger was originally an application that brought extra options when using NFC tags to be able to rewrite them or launch various applications or activities with their help. This has evolved into a complex application that can enable or disable options in Android when the “Tasks” created require it.

Other apps: MacroDroid , Droid Automation , AutomateIT . Because there’s a good chance you won’t find one you like out of the first 4 apps, we have added 3 more to this list. I will not give details about each one. Each has advantages, disadvantages and its own approach to configuration methods and the interface.

I personally use IF by IFTTT , it’s not the most complex app on this list but it’s exactly what I need. I am sure that you too have very good ideas that you have put or will put into practice using these applications.


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