4 best programs to format Hard Disk | HDD Formating Tools

4 best programs to format Hard Disk | HDD Formating Tools

5 best programs to format Hard Disk | HDD Formating Tools – Formatting the HD/SSD can be very important—and occasionally even necessary—task. This is because completely formatting can help get rid of unwanted files or programs, documents, pictures, videos, and audio.

In many cases, especially on older computers, formatting helps to keep healthy hard drive and speed up PC. iTEEGEEK has put together a list of 5 programs that can assist in cleaning your HD;

1. Partition Wizard by MiniTool

The user-friendly program MiniTool Partition Wizard has a number of features. The software can assist with disk partition management in addition to enabling partition formatting! This means that it can move, resize, merge, create, and delete partitions as well as convert file systems. MiniTool Partition Wizard may be a fantastic option if you’re looking for a simple and useful program!, and it should be noted that the program is free.

2. DBAN 

The program that guarantees to completely delete files from a PC! Since the data cannot be recovered in any way, the program is ideal for those who really want to delete everything from the computer. Due to the fact that everything on the hard drive, including programs and the operating system, will be erased when running DBAN, it is imperative that you are aware of what you are doing. DBAN is a great option for formatting a corrupted external HD. It’s important to note that DBAN requires a pen drive in order to function via USB, despite being a free program!

3. My Disk Wiper

My Disk Wiper is a free option to create not only hard drives, but also flash drives, like the other software on the list!

MDW is a fantastic choice if you want to sell your computer because it makes it impossible for your private files to be recovered. Therefore, there are no concerns regarding potential password recoveries, etc.

My Disk Wiper is excellent for enabling a quick format, in addition; it allows slower computers to run its software. This is due to the program’s 260 Kilobyte size, which means you can simply run it without installing it.

4. File Secure

Right now, we’ve seen a lot of options for permanently deleting files from a computer, right? The software provides backup functions and even document encryption in addition to permanently formatting the files on a hard drive. You are able to make copies of files with the DFI extension using File Secure Backup. Only the same application can be used for restoration. All items on the disk, regardless of format, can be encrypted with the help of File Secure Encryptor, making it impossible to view documents without authorization.


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