4 best sites to transcribe YouTube videos

4 best sites to transcribe YouTube videos

4 best sites to transcribe YouTube videos for free – free websites exist that can automatically transcribe YouTube videos, eliminating the need for manual transcription and saving time. I will like to recommend that you read YouTube to WAV: converting a video on YouTube to WAV 2022 first before learning about 4 top sites to transcribe YouTube videos.

You can transcribe a YouTube video using a number of free tools. As a result, the speech that is in the video is transcribed into text that can be used in both academic and personal writing. I’ll list four websites below that can help you quickly transcribe YouTube videos.

1. YouTube Scribe

Despite being youtube videos been easy to understand, YouTube Scribe provides free YouTube video transcriptions. Enter the website, paste the video link, ask for the transcript, and then wait. The lines can then be copied or downloaded into a TXT file once the process is finished.

The transcript is not entirely accurate, though. Therefore, you will need to make some manual corrections if you plan to include it in a personal or academic work.

2. Google Docs

YouTube videos can be transcribed using the Google tool. A free addon/plugin for Windows called VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device, which functions as a fictitious male-to-male P2 cable for sound capture and transcription, is used for speech detection.

3. Sonix

Sonix provides a user-friendly interface and supports more than 35 languages (even in English). You can enter the video link, select the language, and begin transcription in the user panel. There will be download options for the speech file in some file types, including DOCX, TEX, SRT, and VTT.

The free plan only offers transcription for 30 minutes. For $10, you can access the tool for one hour, but if you want to use it for longer, you must pay.

4. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe makes a useful transcription tool despite supporting more than 120 languages. The platform has a robotic system that can accurately transcribe videos with 85% of the time. After the procedure, you can download the word file in a variety of formats, including TXT, DOCX, PDF, and HTML.

The free plan only allows for 10 minutes of transcription, but you can use credits you purchase on the website to access the professional plan’s extras, like a manual transcript created by language native speakers and delivered with 99% accuracy in just 12 hours.


Even though these platforms offer free transcription, their automatic system doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy. As a result, if the lines are for important documents or academic papers, We suggest that you carefully edit them manually.

For a fee (which could be high depending on the length of the video), you can hire a manual service to do it for you.


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