5 useful WhatsApp functions launched in 2022

5 useful WhatsApp functions launched in 2022

5 Useful Whatsapp functions launched in 2022 that you should be using A variety of options are being added to enhance the user experience. However, to make use of them you must update your Whatsapp to recent version.

WhatsApp , a messaging app that is available on Android as well as iphone ( iOS ) phones, has received a number of changes in 2022 that include the features that users have been requesting. Removing from the profile “online” status, react to messages, sending large media files, quit group silently and Audio playing outside conversation. Below are five functions which have been introduced to WhatsApp recently, and how to enable these functions.

1. React to Messages

The ability to respond to messages with any emoji is among the new features added to the app in recent times. Users have the option of choosing any of the 3,600 smiley faces that are available on the keyboard for use to interact with the app’s chats. The new functionality update that previously only had six emojis – opens up a new option for interaction on the platform, while reducing the number of messages that are shared in groups, as an example.

To activate the fun to use the novelty, simply hold the desired message until the first reactions show up. Then, tap on the (+) symbol to see the other options and choose the desired Emoji. After this then the image will appear below the text. To get rid of a misdirected reaction, just tap on it , and then tap again to delete.

2. Sending Large Media Files

Another feature that was added to WhatsApp recently was the ability to send of files that are up to 2GB of storage that allows for the transfer of images, documents and videos with high resolution like. Prior to this, the limitation for attachments had been set at up to 100MB. To make use of this feature, type in your desired message, then tap”+” (on iPhone) or Clips (on Android) and select “Document”. After that, navigate to the place where the file is located and tap it. After that then wait for loading process to finish and click”Submit.

When downloading or uploading massive files, the application will show a timer that allows the user to know the amount of time needed to complete the task. To speed up the process, it’s recommended to connect to a WiFi network.

You can send large files via”Documents” on WhatsApp “Documents” button.

3. Remove ‘online’

In the news update that was released recently, WhatsApp introduced the option to remove the status “online” from your profile to provide greater privacy for users when using the application. You can choose whether or not you would like your contacts to be aware of when you’re active on the application. Prior to when the app was launched, it had no official name. the feature it was required to use various methods to protect security in the messenger app and this resulted in the feature being much popular.

The option isn’t enabled by default. This is why it is important to enable it in the settings for messengers. After that, go into your account > privacy > last seen and then select”Nobody” “Nobody” option . You may also select other options like “My contacts” and “My contacts” but not all of them. …”.

4. Quit groups and remain silent

The group’s silent exit was the very first feature of the program announced on recently to be made available. It doesn’t require users to turn on the feature. It’s sufficient to ensure that the application is upgraded for Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones. After that then launch WhatsApp then select the group that you no longer wish to join, tap the group’s name at the top, scroll down and choose “Leave group”. After that, confirm the move through pressing “Leave group”.

The update has changed the group exit notification is only visible to admins. However, anyone of your contact that belong to the group can will able to see their exit.

This change was a solution to an old issue raised by users. As previously, if someone was included in a discussion group with no consent, or just tired of being part of a conversation and there was no option to get out without notifying everyone.

5. Audio Playing Outside Chat

The announcement was made at the end of March, this function is designed to enhance the user experience for those who communicate via audio via WhatsApp. To utilize it, simply join the conversation, listen to the audio, then quit the conversation. The audio will continue to play even if you exit chat, notication play/pause button will appear on top of your whatsapp menu navigation. Furthermore, the application lets you review the audio in waves and speeds the message up to double the speed. When you are making voice calls new features include the option of pause recordings in the middle as you think about the message you want to say, and then listening to the recording before sending it.

The app lets you maximize your time, for instance because it makes it possible to take part in conversations with others and listen to audio at the same time. If you have to quit WhatsApp due to any reason, the chat will be cut off. When you return to the app the audio will be at the top of your screen, allowing you to listen.


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