How to add subtitles to videos on iOS/iPadOS

How to add subtitles to videos on iOS/iPadOS

How to add subtitles to videos on iOS/iPadOS – Apps such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are great tools for anyone that wants edits videos professionally. What about people who need an application to do simple edits like adding subtitles or text to the video?

It’s at this time that more applications with specific features emerges, which along with having an easier and less specific interfaces, are considerably less than professional software.

This is the case with Captionista the application for iPadOS and iOS designed primarily for subtitling video particularly videos that are posted on social media.

Through the app, you can type in the text and then add it to the video. The video is played more slowly when editing. It also includes controls for moving forward or rewinding.

Its quite easy to use, while you watch your video click on the word you want to split the pre-typed text , and then cut it precisely at the time that corresponds to the words.

With stunning background and typography, text are aligned and filled to perfection with the font growing to an automatic size that makes it accessible to the majority of people who use social media.

The app is available for free with its default styles and themes. However, there is an Pro subscription which includes the removal of the watermark off of the files, adds additional features , such as the ability to alter the size of text, fonts as well as shadows and the colors.

There is monthly plan for $4.49 and annual payments for $21.99, choose the one that best suits your need and pocket. You can download from apple store. 


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