Android 13 is released with new features

Android 13 is released with new features
Android 13 is released with new features for customization and connectivityGoogle launches Android 13 for Pixels and promises that the operating system will be available for other devices before the end of 2022.

Google officially launched Android 13 on Monday (15th) August 2022. The system was launched for the Pixels first. Other brands are scheduled to release updates later in the year. The search giant claims that Samsung, ASUS, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi are on the list. The 13th edition of the green robot comes with new designs, privacy, as well as connectivity among devices.

The majority of features in Android 13 were already known from the earlier test versions. The platform has been open to testing by developers for a while, since the beginning of February and the first beta version was released in the middle of July .

In the last couple of months, we’ve witnessed a variety of new features that are now declared official, including icons that adjust to the style of the interface and an a photo editor for applications that don’t allow access to all pictures in your gallery and the introduction of a brand new control for music.

The Verge notes that, as The Verge says , many of the new updates seem as a means to make it easier to join the Apple ecosystem in terms of connectivity to devices.

Spatial Audio is present on AirPods for instance it has messaging capabilities, and copy/paste functions look similar to similar features within iMessage (but Google supports more applications) as well as it’s the Universal Clipboard.

What’s new in Android 13?

Google announced 13 new features it added to Android 13:

  • Customization icons that can be used for other apps in the context of Material You.
  • Different languages are available for each application.
  • The updated music player showcases the disc’s artwork, and features a the ability to track progress.
  • Wallpaper with less brightness and a dark theme for Bedtime.
  • Photo picker is a feature of apps that don’t permit access to all the files within the gallery.
Automatically cleaning the clipboard after a time when the user copies confidential information like email addresses, address, mobile phone number or login.
  • Apps will need to request permission before sending notifications.
  • The Spatial Audio feature includes Head Tracking The headphones are able to create the illusion that the audio comes from a single source in space.
  • Send messages sent from Android to the Chromebook. It is compatible in conjunction with Google Messages and also with Signal and WhatsApp among others. Android 13 stream messages on Chromebook (Image Handout Google)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio support.
  • The taskbar on the tablet has been updated and allows you to drag and drop any application that is split-screen modes.
  • Android tablets detect different patterns in the feel of the stylus pen and every finger aiding users who draw.
  • Copy content from mobile devices and paste it on tablet. The feature is accessible until the end of the year.


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