Android 14 already has official Google date for Beta Version

Android 14 already has official Google date for Beta Version

Android 14 already has official Google date for Beta Version – The first public beta of Android 14, the upcoming version of Google’s operating system, is typically released in early 2023. We recommend for you to read about Android 13 is released with new features before reading about Android 14 Official Date for beta testing.

Google is already getting ready to create the next iteration of Android. The Android 14 Beta will start to be distributed in the second quarter of next year. The update will be made available following Android 13’s upcoming quarterly releases.

New Android versions typically begin to be developed by Google in the first quarter. Many of the important features that will be included in the Google I/O update are being prepared with the aid of the schema. In the second half of the year, the manufacturers receive the stable build.

First Android 14 beta release

Next year, Google won’t veer too far from this strategy. The company recently made an update to the website for the OS testing programme to let users know that the Android 13 QPR (Quarterly Platform Releases) beta programme will run until March 2023. The Android 14 trial will then take the stage.

The second quarter of 2023 will see the release of Android 14 Beta if the calendar is left unchanged. The first test version of the new version is anticipated to be released in April.

But over the coming few months, Android 13 won’t be in the dark. By March, Google is anticipated to have released two quarterly updates. The release of the final version in August 2022 should be kept in mind.

In August, Android 13 was released.

The most recent iteration of Google’s operating system is called Android 13. The current generation, which was introduced in May during Google I/O 2022, makes some improvements to Material You and offers the option to further customise the user interface. The update offers tablet users upgrades that enhance multitasking.

The What’s New List compiles developments in privacy. The system now has a feature that stops apps from accessing all of the phone’s files. Like on the iPhone, apps must also request the user’s permission before sending out notifications.

As was previously mentioned, the final version was made public in August. However, not every device has yet received the update. Google stated that the update will come to Android 13: List of Compatible Smartphones.


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