How to Annotate a PDF in iPhones/iPads

How to Annotate a PDF in iPhones/iPads

How to Annotate a PDF in iPhones/iPads – In this post we’ll explain how to add notes to a PDF file which you’ve imported into the app This could be extremely helpful for the times you’re required to add an image or even notes written by hand. We recommend you read How to Hide Your iPhone iPhone/iPad IP Address in Safari.

How to Markup a PDF on iPhone/iPad

Once you have the Book application open, simply tap your desired PDF document (on the Library tab). When it is open you can tap the screen until the controls pop up and then choose the PDF file represented by the pen (at on the right).

The markup tools will appear at lower right of your screen. Choose the one you’d like to draw or write. If you’re satisfied you are happy, click the pencil icon once more to save your document.

How to Markup a PDF on Mac

Open the document you want to view in the Books app (on the side tab, under PDFs). This will launch an app called macOS Preview. macOS View application .

Select the symbol that is represented by the brush (at the top) and then use the tools available to write the text or draw anything you wish in the document. After closing the document make sure to save the modifications.


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