Best App for Editing videos on Android

Best App for Editing videos on Android

Best App for Editing videos on Android The Android operating system was not designed to be one focused on productivity but more one focused on the multimedia and entertainment side. However, in recent years the Operating System have become more powerful and richer in options. They will not soon reach the functionality of some desktop applications, but they are suitable for occasional use. You like to read about the 4 Best App for Android Automation.

Today we are talking about video editing on Android OS; we have some powerful video editors. There are dozens of applications that can make a collage of photos together with a themed soundtrack, but today we will choose the most advanced of them.

KineMaster – The free version has some limitations; the maximum resolution at which clips can be exported is 1080p but with a watermark “Made with KineMaster on the top right of the video. Also in the free version you can’t overlap or crop the videos.

Despite these shortcomings, the video editor has options such as cutting sequences from videos, various transitions and overlaying different images, stickers or text over the clip. The editor has a logical and easy-to-understand “timeline” similar to professional applications such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere, but with fewer options. However, for Android, this is my favorite video editor. I’ve edited a few clips with it, and the video rendering is quite fast. The premium version is available through a subscription. It may seem expensive, but with some patience and imagination, some very well-made clips can result.

PowerDirector – Is the Android version of CyberLink’s popular professional video editor for Windows. Video editing is still done in the form of a timeline, but adding transitions and effects seems less intuitive to me than in the case of Kinemaster, probably because I learned more about KineMaster myself. The free version can save the edited clip at the maximum resolution of 720p along with a Watermark at the top, otherwise there are no other limitations. 

Due to the format or resolution of the clips you want to edit there is a possibility that they are not supported by the above video editors. This is not a general rule, it depends on the compatibility of your device and/or codecs installed on it. Sometimes this problem can be solved with the help of a video converter . Last time it was tried, both of the above video editors wouldn’t support mp4 files at 1296p at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps. In my case “Video Converter Android 2 “did its job even if for a 7-minute clip it took 2 hours to convert it from 1296p to 1080p, a resolution supported (on my devices) by Kinemaster and PowerDirector.

Audio recording – The above video editors support multiple audio files on the same clip as well as editing and trimming them to fit the video. Sometimes the sound recorded by the video camera of the smartphone or tablet while recording the clip is not of good quality or you simply do not want to use it. For this I use Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Free . Its only limitation in the free version is that you cannot record more than 10 minutes continuously. It can record at a maximum of 320 kb/s in mp3 format and if your device has 2 microphones, it can also record in stereo. The quality is more than decent,

It’s clear that Android is not the best operating system when it comes to video editing. However, we find the App tools sufficient to edit a clip from a family party or the child’s Christmas party . With some creativity and skill you can create video content for a YouTube channel with your Android. Cameras on smartphones are getting better and the purchase of a compact camera or video is almost no longer useful for the needs of an amateur. On the video processing side, smartphones and tablets won’t replace PCs or laptops with dedicated graphics any time soon, but for occasional video editing, the apps presented in this article will do the job brilliantly.


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