How to block Contact on Tinder

How to block Contact on Tinder

How to block Contact on Tinder – To prevent embarrassment (such such as if you find out about an ex-partner), Tinder has a function that lets users to block certain people from being on the app. We recommend you read How to Verify Your Profile on Tinder before learning how to block a contact on Tinder.

The great thing about this is that in this scenario the person won’t be aware of the fact that he has been blocked. However, the app clearly states that when the contact information of your user does not match the one they use on Tinder You might be able to view their profile.

How to block contact on Tinder via iPhone

Launch the app, then tap the profile tab, then go there to “Settings”. Select “Block Contacts” and “Continue”. In this way, you will need to let your contacts access via Tinder.

On the “Contacts” tab, select the people you do not wish to be able to see on Tinder In the “Blocked” tab, you are able to see all the people you’ve chosen.

If you wish to manually add a contact that you want to be blocked. In order to do that, simply tap on the “+” button in the upper right corner. Enter the details of the contact, including their name, number, email address and phone number. Then, tap “Done”.

In the future, if you wish to end sharing your contact details on Tinder Tap the three dots (in the top right-hand corner) and choose “Disconnect Contact List”.

How to block contact on Tinder via Web

Visit Tinder’s website. Tinder website and sign in to your account. Select your profile photo (in the left upper corner) and then go to “Block contacts”.

In this instance you’ll be able check who you’ve blocked with your iPhone or manually block someone by pressing “Add contact” and filling in the necessary details.


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