How to Boost Home Security with Old Phones and Tablets

Boost Home Security with Old Phones and Tablets

You may be wondering what to do with your old phone or tablet after you upgrade it. Some alternatives include selling it on the Internet, giving it, or recycling it. But why not put it to better use instead? If the item is in perfect working order, it would be a pity to throw it away.

Improving your home security system is one use for an outdated phone or tablet. Nowadays, every smartphone and tablet have Internet connectivity and a decent camera. So, rather than investing money in a specialist Internet-connected camera, why not utilize something you’d toss away anyway? In this post, we will guide you through the steps of leveraging the Internet of Things to assist you. This covers several device applications as well as turning an outdated smartphone or tablet into a security camera.

Using a Smartphone or Tablet as a Security Camera 

The majority of the components required for an Internet-connected home security camera are already present in every smartphone and tablet. To set it up, you’ll need a phone charger, an Internet connection, and a security camera app.

Connection to the Internet

The majority of consumers remove their previous phone from their cellular plan when they replace it, which prevents it from using cell data. The good news is that an outdated phone or tablet can still function over WiFi without a SIM card or plan. To access your camera footage from a distance, all you have to do is connect it to your home WiFi network.\

Energy Supply

Your outdated gadget will be used every day as a home security camera. Choose a charger that can be plugged in from wherever you want to place your security camera because it will need to be charged there.

App for Security Cameras

The final component you require to transform your outdated gadget into an Internet-enabled camera is a smart camera app. Fortunately, there are a number of these on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Several alternatives are:

  1. Perch
  2.  IP Webcam 
  3. AtHome Camera
  4.  Manything
  5.  Alfred

After downloading and installing an app, you’re ready to go! Decide where to install your new home security camera. Choose a location where there is the simple access to a power outlet and a strong WiFi signal.

Internet of Things-Based Home Security Improvement

Cameras With Internet Access

Consider utilizing an old phone or tablet as a security camera if you’re concerned about baby monitors being stolen or compromised. A webcam attached to a laptop or desktop computer can be used to view baby monitors that are Internet-capable.

Lighting switches

The necessity for visibility extends to criminals as well. If your home has smart lighting, it might be useful to configure it so that you receive notifications if the lights are turned on or off at specific times when no one is supposed to be home. If a family member comes home quickly to grab something or grab a bite, you can get false alarms, but if a thief has gotten in and is turning lights on and off as they move throughout your house, you might catch them.

Digital locks

A smartphone or other Internet-enabled device can be used to control smart locks. For example, you can remotely lock (or unlock) the front door or set an alert to sound if the door opens unexpectedly.


Smart thermostats keep an eye on the temperature in your home and may be able to inform, you through a text message if there is an unanticipated change in the temperature. Once you receive a notification, you may quickly check the new smartphone or tablet security camera to make sure everything is in order.

In Summary

Without having to spend a lot of money on a fancy home security system, the Internet of Things can help you safeguard yourself and your house. Many of these gadgets can also be used in inventive DIY projects to improve your home’s energy efficiency or heating and hot water efficiency.


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