How to change Default Fonts and Colors in Mac Mail App

How to change Default Fonts and Colors in Mac Mail App

How to change Default Fonts and Colors in Mac Mail App – If you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user the Mail app has a nice views and appearance on performance and features. While the application is integrated with features of Apple’s operating systems users’ experience with the email client from Apple does not compare to competitors in certain areas including the ability to sync, plugin support as well as other features. We recommend you read How to Change Sound Alert in Mail [iPhone, iPad and Mac] about learning how to change Default Fonts and Colors in Mac Mail App.

While there are some issues, the reality that Mail is used by thousands. For those who prefer the native macOS alternative ITEEGEEK will teach you how you can customize.

Let’s find out the ways to alter these colors and fonts within Mail on Mac to compose and read messages, and also to differentiate the text in a reply or when forwarding emails.

Change the Fonts and Colors of Mail App

Making these changes is simple. Just follow the steps in the following:

  1. Launch the Mail app.
  2. In the menu bar of Mac From the menu bar, select Mail > preferences.
  3. Choose from the “Fonts and Colors” tab.
  4. This section lets you are able to change the font used for the messages list (which is located on the left side of Mail) and the font used for message itself (for writing and reading emails) as well as an adjustable-width font (for writing and reading messages in text format).
  5. If you click on one of the options above Next to it, click “Select” to change the font.
  6. Small windows will pop up which has 4 columns: Family, Collection Typography, Size and Collection. In this sequence, choose one font (and its variants) you like most and press OK.

Additionally, in this tab you can alter your color for the quote that is part of a message when replying on or forwarding an email. It is possible to set up to three distinct colours for each level of citation which makes it easier to recognize the new information in an exchange. If you do not wish to color the text you quote you can uncheck the checkbox at the bottom left.

The same applies to fixed-width fonts. Fixed-width font adjustments can only be made only if you check”Enable fixed width fonts” in the “Use fixed-width fonts for plain text messages” checkbox or else, Mail will use the default font and color settings while writing and viewing messages.

Confirming preferences

To confirm that the settings above we made above follow the steps:

  1. Go to Mail Preferences.
  2. Choose”Writing” from the “Writing” tab.
  3. Under the “Writing” section, make sure that you select the “Text with Formatting” option is chosen beneath “Message Format”.
  4. In”Reply” in “Reply:” section, make sure there is a “Use the same format as the original message” checkbox is ticked.

In the same tab, you can also set additional default settings, such as (or never) in the content of the original email, or increasing the level of citation for each email, and many other things.

Colors and fonts change in the composer

Even if you’ve set an default font to compose and reading emails, there are instances when you want to choose an alternative font for the entire or a portion of an email.

To change the color or font of text in Mail composer, you can change the font and color. Mail composer, you just have to write it in the normal way; prior to sending, choose the portion of the message you wish to alter. In the main menu box, select “Format” and select “Show Fonts” or “Change Color” to change the fonts.

It is important to keep in mind that this kind of modification will only affect your email’s body, and will not affect its header.


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