How to Change Your Location name on Find My App

How to Change Your Location name on Find My App Find My App , available on iPads, iPhones and Macs It allows users search people and their logged devices connected to Apple ID and their items like an AirTag for instance.

One of the ways you can customize your experience on the app is to alter your current location it could be your home, workplace, or even a school, for instance.

How do I change the location name on iPhone/iPad

Launch the Find My app and click on the “Me” tab and go to “Edit Location Name”. Select one of the choices: “Home”, “Work”, “School”, “Gym” or “None”.

Below, you will find “Add Custom Label”, you will be able to select the name you’d like to use. After that, click “OK” to save.

In the future, you can alter the labels that you created through “Edit Location Name”, under “Edit” (in the upper right corner) by tapping the red dot, then selecting “Delete”.

How do you change the location name on Mac

Choose “People” on the left side tab, and then tap”i” to add an “i” next to your name on the map. Next, go there to “Edit Location Name” and select one of the names that are predefined or click “Add Custom Label” to choose the one you like.

To modify custom names Go to “Edit Location Name”, “Edit” and tap the red dot to erase any of the names. Then, click “Delete”.







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