How to change Mac alert sound Easily

How to change Mac alert sound Easily

How to change Mac alert sound Easily Apple allows you to customize you Mac with many ways. You can, for instance, choose the default browser you use or change the wallpaper or screensaver, as an example. We recommend you learn about How to disable out-of-frame preview on camera [iPhone] before proceeding with the guide on How to change Mac alert. 

Another option to make your computer appear nice is to change the sound effects that are generated whenever you attempt to perform a task that isn’t allowed , or if your Mac requires intervention or any other information.

In the next paragraphs how you can change the sound of this distinctive macOS sound!

Goto System Preferences, select “Sound” and goto the “Sound Effects” tab is selected.

Select from the choices on the screen. By default, it’s selected at “Funky”, but you can select from 13 different choices, like “Sonar” and “Breeze” for instance.

After the choice is taken, it’s not required to take any other action because the decision will be saved in a way that is automatic.


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