How to Check how old your Computer is

How to Check how old your Computer is

How to Check how old your Computer is – We can say that today’s widespread and continuous use of technology is rapidly developing. In this way, it could be seen that society is interacting with technology in a remarkable way.

Almost every aspect of our lives now involves a computer. because they are being used more and more excessively and because they are essential to the environment.

Its initial purpose was to compute numbers and compile individual data, but as time went on, those roles multiplied. The fact that it is used as a tool for doing the work also gave it a significant role in society. However, computers make it simple to store private data and multimedia files. All forms of content can also be downloaded.

However, a portion of the population communicates with the rest of the world using computers. due to the development of social ties and their ability to learn about everything that occurs abroad.

How I know my Old my PC is?

In particular, the structure of computers is made up of a combination of hardware and software components. They all connect and serve a specific function because they contain meaningful components.

You now have two options for getting to the BIOS data if your computer runs an operating system like “Windows.” This will display a rough construction date for the machinery.

In this regard, we will outline the procedures to follow if you want to determine the age of your computer. We’ll demonstrate two options for you: using the Windows operating system or the CMD command.

Method 1 to Check PC Age

First, we go to Start, type CMD, and it will instantly open a window with the system symbol. This will tell us the age of the BIOS. Then we entered these commands:


df000: fff5

Similarly, we can click “Start,” type “Run,” open the program, and type “debug df000: fff5” As a result, it will direct us to a number of files where the age of our computer will be displayed right away.

Method 2 to Check Computer Age

If you did not get the first method, this method is very easy to understand. Once “Start” has been selected, a window with the “All Programs” option will appear. Then another option with the words “accessories,” “system tools,” and “system information” will show up.

This will display the system details, including the BIOS version date.


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