How to Check Wi-Fi Password in iOS 16

How to Check Wi-Fi Password in iOS 16

How to Check Wi-Fi Password in iOS 16 – Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation in which you’re wish you to share to your Wi-Fi with your family or a friend and you don’t know the password? Do you know about Password Managers? If No, try to read about 1Password 8 Available now on Android and iOS with more features.

With the release of iOS 16 (and coming soon, iPadOS 16) Your troubles are now over! This is because Apple allowed easy access to the data.

How can I check password for my currently connected Wi-Fi network?

Go to Settings and select “Wi-Fi”. In the next section, after”Wi-Fi” is the address of the service you’re currently connected to then tap”i” to reveal the “i”.

Under Below “Automatic Connection”, you’ll see an option “Password” below some dots that conceal it for security. To uncover it, simply tap it, and then authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID.

Additionally, in addition to looking at the password you can also copy it.

How do I view the passwords of any previously connected Wi-Fi networks

If you’d like to view the history of all the networks you have saved and see their passwords. To access this feature, open Settings, then tap “Wi-Fi” after which click click “Edit” at the top right-hand corner.

You can authenticate yourself by using Touch ID or Touch ID to access the section of known networks. Once you have found the one you’re looking for, tap the “i” in front of the name of the person. Then, tap the password hidden to reveal the password.


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