How to Connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi Manually

How to Connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi Manually

How to Connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi Manually -Typically in the past, typically, the Apple Watch automatically connects to the Wi-Fi network of your iPhone. Learn how to Fix Apple Watch doesnt unlock Mac.

This post is helpful for those with an unconnected¬† Apple watch with no WiFI connection. When you connect to a network using the watch, it’s possible to access the weather, check your email address or send a text message, for example.

For this your Apple Watch must be running watchOS 5 at the very least (which can be used with Apple Watches Series 1 or later).

Apple Watch Series 6 or later, is 2.4GHz and 5GHz network enabled. If you have Apple Watches Series 5, SE or earlier, you can only connect to 2.4GHz networks.

To connect your apple watch manually to WiFi, open Settings and select “Wi-Fi”. In the “Choose the network” section, select the one you wish to join.

If the device is password protected, you can type in the password on it on the QWERTY keyboard (Series 7 only) or use your feature called the Scribble feature . To toggle this feature by swiping up down from below. It is also possible to use the password filling (by pressing on the icon for keys) If you’ve saved the password. Then, tap “Connect”.

Then, to forget the Wi-Fi network then go back to the same location where you can click on the name of the network, click select “Forget This Network” and confirm by tapping on “Forget”.


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