How to Convert iMessage Conversation to PDF [Mac]

How to Convert iMessage Conversation to PDF [Mac]

How to Convert iMessage Conversation to PDF [Mac] – Although iMessage isn’t as well-known as it is in other countries, such as those in the United States, iMessage can be a fantastic alternative to the established messaging apps (such such as WhatsApp as well as Telegram) for people who are using Apple gadgets in other countries. You would love to read How to Annotate a PDF in iPhones/iPads before reading How to Save iMessage Conversation to PDF.

iMessage is an instant-messaging platform developed by Apple Inc. and launched in the year 2011. iMessage functions exclusively on Apple’s macOS, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS devices.

If you an fan of iMessage, for any reason you’d like to save a specific conversation that you had with someone else, there’s an option to save it as a PDF on your Mac.

The first step is to ensure that first, ensure that your iPhone chats are displayed on your Mac. To do this, it’s essential that you’ve activated “Messages” in your iCloud. To verify this, open your iPhone then go to Settings and then tap Your name (at on the right). Choose “iCloud” and see if “Messaging” is enabled.

After that, you can start the Messages app on Mac and choose the conversation you want to view using the sidebar. After that, let the conversation run as long as you’d like (or perhaps let your whole timeline load).

Then go to

File >> Print…

(or make use of the shortcut

Command +

). When the print window is displayed then select to open the “PDF” dropdown menu and decide if you want to open it within the Preview application (


) and save it as a pdf, save it to iCloud Drive or even send it to an email.


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