How to convert Word .doc to PDF in 1min

How to convert Word .doc to PDF in 1min
How to convert Word .doc to PDF – Find out how you can convert the Word .doc document into PDF format on PC using Office or the Office program or alternative browsers. If you a Mac user you can learn How to Convert iMessage Conversation to PDF [Mac].

The Portable Document Format, PDF is among the most widely used formats for text documents . It was developed in 1993 by Adobe at the time of 1993. Because it focuses only on printing the finished document it is a lot easier for users to send the document to others without being unable to access the drawings. Find out what it takes to make a conversion of Word .doc to PDF for free.

Adobe itself, the creator for the format PDF has an online option that allows you to change Word documents into PDF by using an online browser on your PC. This method does not require the Office suite of programs and involves transmitting the file to Adobe’s server, and waiting for them to complete the job:

  1. Access the website ;
  2. Click on “Select the file”
    Click on the blue button that is located in the middle on the display, click “Select an image” , select the document, and then wait until it loads.
  3. Select “Download the PDF”
    Click the blue button to the left of the document that has already been converted Select “Download the pdf” .

Your .doc file is already in the format of PDF. For access to the other features on the website, you have to sign up for an account that is completely free.

How to convert Word .doc in PDF on a PC

The most secure way to convert your document into PDF and keep formatting is by using the PC where the document was initially created using Word in its own way, such as:

  1. Go to”File” to open the “File” menu

    When the document is open in Word After opening the document, click “File” located in the top of the left side of Word;

  2. Choose the option “Save as”

    In the menus that are displayed on the left on the display, select “Save as” ;

  3. Choose destination folder

    When the save window appears you can choose the file’s location you’d like to upload the file.

  4. Change format

    under “File Format” Choose to change the format the file format from Word .doc in to PDF and then click “Save” .

How do I convert Word file to PDF Via Onedrive

Another option is to use Word Online to convert a document into PDF. If you aren’t able to connect to Word Online on your computer or because you’re elsewhere or don’t do you have the software installed, you are able to change the .doc using your browser.

In this scenario it is only necessary to log into Your Microsoft Account (Outlook) for access to OneDrive. .

  1. Visit and log into your account
  2. Upload the file

    You can upload the file by simply dragging the document into the window , or  by clicking the “Upload” button to open the file searcher after which you can open the file;

  3. Go to “Download as PDF”

    On the left hand side, select “File” and then select “Save as” and then click”Download As PDF. “Download to PDF” .

Ready. The window for files will appear on the screen, allowing you to select your destination directory.

You can also learn How to Edit a PDF Online.


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