How to create windows 11 restore point

How to create windows 11 restore point
How to create windows 11 restore point – If you are making significant modifications on the settings on your Windows 11 PC, it’s highly recommended to set up the restore point prior to making any changes. We recommend you Learn How to do a clean Windows 11 Installation in case you encounter issues while creating windows 11 restore point.

What is Restore Point?

A restore point simply records the present status of your Windows computer, including configurations, meaning you can restore it to the previous condition if you encounter major issues following an update. Restore Point is like a backup for restore to previous state in case things goes wrong.

Personal files aren’t included in the recovery procedure. But, by default Windows 11 does not create an automatic restore point for you since this feature isn’t available in Windows 11’s operating system. If you’re planning to update or re-configuring a system file, or simply need your PC in good condition to be able to recover it or restore to earlier state, iTEEGEEK will show you how to create a restore point in Windows 11.

How do I create a restore points in Windows 11

Check out the quick start guide or follow our detailed instructions.

Step 1:

The first step is to set up the restore point feature in Windows 11. To do this, hold the Windows key or click on the button to search below . Enter the word System restore point, and click the first result on the search results list.

Step 2:

This will bring up it to the “System Properties” window, which has it’s “System Protection” tab . From there, you can click to the button to configure the button .
How do I create a restore points in Windows 11

Step 3:

You can drag this slider to the left or right in the next dialog box to alter your amount the disk storage that is used by System Restore . If, for instance, you have an large storage space on your disk, then you could increase the space. In other cases, you can decrease the space available for storage. In general, the storage space provided by Windows is adequate. From the menu, select “Turn on system security.” The next option is ” OK “.

Step 4:

Once System Restore is enabled, it’s time for you to create an initial restore point. Select on the button to create a button .

Step 5:

First, you must enter the name that can help you determine the restore point. Then, select ” Create “.

Step 6:

You will notice an progression bar as your restore point is created.

Step 7:

After the process has been completed the message will be displayed informing you it was successful in creating the restore point. has been created successfully. That’s it, Now you have a backup point for the current condition of your PC that you can access from the same window by clicking”System Restore…” ” System Restore… ” button.

Quick Start Quick Start Guide

  1. Then, enter Recovery into the Windows search bar and then click one of the results.
  2. On this screen, click “Configure” under “System protection.”
  3. You can then use then the sliding wheel to choose the system restore area . Also, go for the choice ” Turn on system security “. The next option press ” OK “.
  4. Then click on”Create” and click on the ” Make ” option .
  5. After the correct name for your restore point in a proper manner then Click the Create button again . In the event that the restored point has been established successfully, then you’ll see an email in your screen.
  6. You can then see the restore point within this same browser by clicking ” System Restore.


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