Default username and password of router – Common Default Router Passwords

Default username and password of router – Common Default Router Passwords – The networking equipment market is enormous! Practically speaking, it is impossible to remember all of the default username and password combinations, as many router manufacturers employ such a wide variety of them. However, you cannot survive without a guide, as you will always encounter a device with unusual access credentials. You would either make hasty phone calls to your other networking acquaintances, try various combinations in the hopes of success, or consult an article that lists the username: and password combinations for the most commonly used networking equipment.

This article aims to familiarise you with popular routers and their default credentials so that you are never left searching for answers when performing your company’s networking duties. Before proceeding, it makes sense to inform you that these are the default username and password combinations, which will work when configuring a newly purchased router or one whose username and password have not been altered. You could manually reset the router to enable the default login credentials.

D-Link is a prominent manufacturer of broadband routers, and most of its routers use the default login credentials of admin: blank. You must enter “admin” (without quotes) in the username field and leave the password field empty. The default username for some D-Link routers is user, while the password is left blank. You won’t have to travel far before encountering a network using 3Com routers, as 3Com is another well-respected router manufacturer. As with D-Link routers, some 3Com routers have a blank username and ‘admin’ as the password, while others accept the inverse entries, that is, ‘admin’ as the username and a blank password.

Cisco is unquestionably at the top of the food chain regarding networking. Most Cisco routers have ‘cisco’ as their default username and ‘cisco’ as their default password. You must enter all usernames and passwords discussed in this article without quotation marks. On some Cisco routers, the username is blank, and the password is “san-fran.” The default username and password for Dell routers is ‘admin.’ Linksys is an extremely well-known networking equipment manufacturer and Cisco subsidiary. Linksys routers power the networks of tens of thousands of businesses and offices worldwide. Administrator: admin and admin: admin are the most frequent username and password combinations for Linksys routers. These two combinations are compatible with routers whose default IP addresses are,,, and Similarly, routers with a default IP of and can have the second username and password combination. You can function adequately if you memorize the default login combinations for each of the above routers.


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