How to Delete private information from photos on Windows 7

How to Delete private information from photos on Windows 7

How to Delete private information from photos on Windows 7 – in this article, ITEEGEEK will explain how to remove sensitive data from photos that we upload to the Internet without using a program; Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Its no new thing that we know that we need to be careful with the information of the photos that we upload to the Internet. When using our smartphone, digital camera, or other device to take a photo, we must keep that in mind. It always adds a lot of information (metadata) to the picture without our knowledge, and that information, which is there and available to anyone who wants to view it, can be compromising.

In particular, pictures in windows can initially reveal the following details:

  • The digital camera’s brand and model.
  • the size of the image.
  • The exhibition’s day and time.
  • technical information out there (shutter speed, focus length, distance, white balance, flash settings, etc.).
  • Date, time, and
  • Zoom.
  • White balance

And occasionally, the aforementioned can be used to track geolocation. To delete those information from pictures, follow steps below

So, before uploading a photo to the Internet, let’s look at how to get rid of all the information that it might contain from within the Windows operating system.

  • On the image, click with the right mouse button.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Go ahead and click the Details tab.
  • Click Remove properties and personal information.

We access this additional window and choose the second choice. Remove the following properties from this file. We can choose what to remove by checking the appropriate boxes, though it is usually best to click Select All and then OK.

Now, if you follow steps outlined above, you will be able to confirm how all of the personal data contained in the picture has totally removed.

However, there are numerous programs to erase data, some of which are free and others are paid.

  1. Exif eraser can be used to manually delete Exif data.
  2. MetaStripper, remove Exif information from images
  3. Metanull to remove EXIF information from your photos.

We must take extreme caution when it comes to the pictures and videos we upload to internet, especially from our mobile devices.


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