Details on Bharti Airtel Network – Telecommunication Company in 2022

Details on Bharti Airtel Network – Telecommunication Company in 2022

Details on Bharti Airtel Network – Telecommunication Company in 2022: With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, Airtel Networks Limited is one of the country’s top telecom service providers. The telco has a customer base of more than 50 million as of December 2019, placing it among the top three mobile service providers in terms of subscribers. The company offers enterprise services, mobile commerce, home broadband, and 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services.

A subsidiary of Airtel Africa Plc, an African telecom company with operations in 14 nations, is Airtel Networks Limited.

The goal of Airtel Africa is to offer accessible, cutting-edge mobile services to everyone, and Bharti Airtel, the company’s largest shareholder, supports it in this endeavour. Wireless voice and data services over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, as well as mobile commerce via “Airtel Money,” are among its product offerings. At the end of March 2020, Airtel Africa had more than 110 million customers across all of its operations.

Through its Corporate Social Investment initiatives in Nigeria, Airtel Networks Limited is strongly committed to and interested in advancing honourable causes. It has invested both financial and material resources to support numerous communities and uplift underprivileged people throughout Nigeria by leveraging its award-winning Touching Lives programme, Adopt-a-School initiative, and Employee Volunteer Scheme.

Nigerians in the various communities where it operates have been impacted by its various CSR initiatives both directly and indirectly.

Who is the owner of Airtel

Gopal Vittal, an Indian, is the CEO of Airtel, which was established in July 1995. even though Sunil Bharti Mittal is the company’s founder and its name is Bharti Airtel.

Before Bharti Airtel acquired an Indian company with headquarters in New Delhi, the company bearing the name Airtel had been sold a few times to various GSM network providers.

Econet, V-Mobile, Celtel, Zain, and now Airtel were the previous owners of Airtel.

Airtel awards

2001 – Nigerian communication services were granted a Digital Mobile License (DML).
2001 – On August 5, it becomes the first telecom operator to offer commercial GSM services.
Obtains Most Customer Sensitive Network Award in 2003 (Thisday Newspapers)
Best Customer-Friendly Network 2003 (Telecoms Awards)
2005: Awarded Best Customer Care Representative (Telecoms Awards)
GSM Company of the Year in 2005 (City People Magazine)
Wins Best Customer Care Operator in 2006 (Telecoms Awards)
2006 – Awarded Best Mobile Customer Care Company (IT & Telecoms Digest, 2006)                                    Wins the Good Governance and Brand of the Year Awards in 2007. (Thisday Awards)
Wins Best Customer Care Award in 2008 (Nigerian Communications Commission)
Wins the Best Customer Care Award in 2009 (Nigerian Information Technology and Telecoms Awards)
Launched service in 2010 under the name Airtel.
2011 – Begins rolling out 3.75G Network Pan as the first Telco Nigeria
Adopt-a-School, an award-winning CSR initiative, is introduced in 2011.
Wins the Best Customer Care Operator award in 2011 (Telecoms Awards)
winning the CSR Awards for Educational Development in 2011. (Organized PR Practitioners)         2012 – Recognized as the Telco with the best HR practises by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
2012 – Completes the first 4G LTE field trial.
2012 – First telco to introduce the ground-breaking HD Voice Service
2013 – At the prestigious Nigerian Telecoms Awards, wins three awards for customer service, brand innovation, and company of the year.
2013 – Recognized as the best telecom company by CIPM for best HR practises
Launches the ground-breaking CSR initiative Airtel Touching Lives in 2014 to help the less fortunate
2014 – Recognized as the Best CSR Company in Education Delivery by the Prestigious SERA Panel
Won the Association of Telecommunications Company of Nigeria’s Merit Award in 2015
2015 – The African Leadership Magazine named it the Telecoms Brand of the Year.                                                        2016 – The Nigerian Telecoms Awards named me as their Most Friendly Customer Operator.
Segun Ogunsanya, CEO of Airtel Nigeria, was named Telecoms CEO of the Year by the Nigerian Telecoms Awards in 2016.
Segun Ogunsanya, CEO of Airtel Nigeria, was named Telecoms CEO of the Year by Marketing Edge Magazine in 2016.

2016 – At the prestigious SERA Awards, a renowned platform that honors exceptional CSR interventions in Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria was named the “Best Company in Reduction of Inequality” (SDG 10).

2017: Jobberman was recognized as a great place to work

2017 saw three wins for Airtel’s TV commercial, “Data is Life,” at the African Crystal Festival.

2017 – Airtel is recognized for selfless service and participates in World Blood Donor Day with LUTH.

2017: Airtel was named the best employer for hiring.

2017 – CEO Named Best African Telecoms CEO

Airtel Nigeria wins in 2017. Award for Service Excellence in Telecom from LCCI

2017 saw Airtel recognized by MarketingEdge as the Most Outstanding Customer-Centric Telecoms Brand.

2017 – INTERSWITCH Awards’ Payment Innovation in Telecom Award

2017 – Airtel Receives the Global Patriot Newspaper’s Award for CSR Excellence

Telecom CEO of the Year Award for 2017

NTITA CSR Excellence Award for 2017

Award for the best TV commercial campaign in 2017

At SERAS 2017, Airtel was named the best company for stakeholder engagement.

2017 – Gold Epica Award for Airtel’s Lost TVC

2017 – Loss wins best commercial at LAIF Awards for Airtel’s TVC.

2018 – Leadership Newspapers’ Brand of the Year Award

2018 – Airtel Touching Lives won the Marketing Edge Award for Most Innovative CSR Campaign.

At the 2018 ADVAN Marketing Excellence Awards, the Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) named 2018 as the Campaign of the Year.

2018 – African Crystal Awards’ Best Advertising Campaigns

Pitcher Advertiser of the Year Award for 2018

Lagos State AIDS Control Agency’s 2018 CSR initiative is a response to HIV and AIDS (LSACA)

Brand of the Year for Leadership Newspapers for 2019

Brand of the Year for Daily Independent Newspapers in 2019

SERA Awards CEO of the Year Award for 2019

SERA Awards for Storytelling Excellence in 2019

2020 – At the Pitcher Awards for Chores, Stew, and Conditioning, Airtel receives silver and bronze awards for Digital campaign of the year.

2020: The Pitcher Awards recognize the Bronze and Silver-winning Smarttalk campaign TVCs.

How Airtel revolutionize telecommunications in Africa

As Econet Nigeria, the business was established in 2001 and was given a Digital Mobile License (DML) for communication services in Nigeria. On August 5, 2001, it established precedent by introducing commercial GSM services in Nigeria as the country’s first telecommunications service provider. Vodacom assumed control of the business in 2004 as management shifted hands. Later in 2004, Vee Networks assumed control of the business and changed its name to Vmobile. Vmobile was purchased by Celtel in May 2006. A different telecommunications company, Zain Group, paid over $3 billion for all of Celtel International’s shares in 2008. All of Celtel Africa’s operations were rebranded from Celtel to Zain as a result of this acquisition. 2010 saw the completion of the $10.7 billion acquisition of the Africa division of Zain Group by Bharti Airtel, the parent company of Airtel Nigeria.


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