How to Disable From Startup & Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

How to Disable From Startup & Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10
How to Disable From Startup & Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 – Make use of Command Prompt to remove Microsoft browser for Windows 10; you can also disable the start up program once you system boots. You can learn How to add extensions to Microsoft Edge Browser in case you dont know how to.

Microsoft Edge is the pre-installed web browser for Windows 10. While it has many great features however, you might to uninstall it from your computer because you aren’t familiar with it or you’re already using another browser. Below , we’ll explain how you can uninstall Edge from Windows .

How do I remove Microsoft Edge

Important Note: Certain versions of Windows such as 10.0.19044.1949 does not permit browser deletion. You will find it on the Command Prompt as soon as you launch it.

  1. Search for “Command Prompt”
    Find the Search Bar right next to the Windows button, in the left lower corner and then type ” Command Prompt “;
  2. Start the program
    Right-click the result, select ” Run as administrator ” You could also click the same option from the tab to the right side;
  3. Install the installer file
    Type “cd %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application\10*\Installer” (ignore quotes) and click “Enter”
  4. Use the remove command.
  5. Enter “setup uninstall -force-uninstall system-level” (without quotation marks) and then press “Enter” Click “Yes” in the pop-up window which will appear to finish.

How to Disable Microsoft Edge Quick Start

If the procedure above failed, you can at a minimum stop Edge from opening each time you start your cFVomputer. Start Edge then follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to “Settings”
    Just click on three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the browser and choose ” Settings “;
  2. Go to “System and Performance”
    In the menu left Select from the left menu ” System and Performance ” option.
  3. Disable “Quick Launch”
    Click on the button next the ” Quick Launch ” If it’s gray, it means that it’s disabled.

How do you switch the default default browser on Windows 10

Even even with Quick Launch disabled, if Edge is set as the default and you click an image in WhatsApp such as, for instance it will be viewed through Microsoft’s web browser. If you’d like to avoid this, choose a different browser (that you’ve already installed) to be the primary.

  1. Go to “Applications”

    On your PC, choose ” Applications ” under ” Settings “;

  2. Access the “Standard Apps” tab

    From the menu on the left, choose “Standard Apps.”

  3. Choose the browser that will be used as your default

    Select ” Microsoft Edge ” to open the drop-down menu , and select one of the options and select ” Toggle Anyway “.

If you change the quick launch option and your default web browser even though the version of Windows doesn’t allow you to uninstall the Microsoft browser Your browsing experience won’t be able to enjoy Edge access (unless you choose to at some moment).


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