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What is electronic engineering technology? Electronic engineering is a sub-field of electrical engineering that focuses on electronic circuits, devices, as well as machinery, and systems that make use of them. It is also known as electronics engineering.

A great number of people have chosen to make their careers in electronic engineering because they find the work to be absorbing, and interesting, and they present an interesting challenge that guarantees success.

Creativity is essential to the field of electronic engineering. The entire field of engineering is focused on the conception, production, operation, and maintenance of things that are necessary for people.

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The field of electronics engineering encompasses a diverse range of subfields, all of which fall under the same umbrella; as a result, individuals who are thinking about pursuing a career are able to pick and choose among the various subfields that make up the field. Moving from one field to another is another option, and doing so ensures a fulfilling career for the vast majority of people throughout their entire working lives.

Can you study electronic engineering Online?

You have the option to complete your N1 through N3 electrical and electronic engineering courses through distance learning at Oxbridge Academy. This entails that you are not required to attend any formal classes and that you can study full- or part-time from home.

Is an online electrical engineering degree worth it?

Your ticket to a well-paying career may be an online electrical engineering degree. Electrical engineers with bachelor’s degrees who are licensed can expect to make well above average salaries even at the entry level.

benefits of getting an online degree in electronic engineering technology? 

Strong potential for financial gain

Considering that the annual salary for electrical engineers is a mean of $91,271, pursuing a career in this field can undoubtedly result in financial success. According to Indeed Salaries, entry-level electrical engineers with less than one year of experience report an average salary of $84,901 per year. However, experienced electrical engineers who have been working in the industry for more than ten years can earn up to $109,545 per year. There is a possibility that benefits are provided by employers to electrical engineers. They may be eligible for a number of benefits.

Regular hours at the office

The majority of full-time jobs for electrical engineers are Monday through Friday shifts. When added up, this amounts to approximately 40 hours per week. It is unusual for people in this line of work to be required to put in extra hours on the weekends, evenings, or holidays unless there is an unexpected emergency that requires your assistance. Maintaining a regular schedule can make it simpler to maintain a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives, as well as increase the amount of time available for participating in enjoyable pastimes. Additionally, it has the potential to reduce stress and improve mental health.

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Excellent job opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a bright employment future for electrical and electronics engineers. This bodes well for those interested in pursuing careers in this field. They forecast a 7% increase in job opportunities between the years 2020 and 2030, which could result in 22,700 additional positions becoming available each year. According to the BLS, this increase may be due to the fact that a significant number of currently employed electrical and electronics engineers are opting to retire rather than continue working.

The fields of information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, and aerospace are among the most common ones in which electrical engineers find employment. Earning advanced certifications can help you hone your skills and specialize in different fields, such as hydropower or automation, which can increase the number of job opportunities available to you and the potential earnings you can make.


The position of an electrical engineer is held in high esteem by a significant number of individuals. Electrical engineers who are successful in their careers are skilled at coming up with original ideas, are great at deciphering complicated mathematical formulas, and are excellent problem-solvers. Because of these characteristics, they typically have a high level of respect among their contemporaries. In addition to this, electrical engineers put their expertise in technology and electrical systems to work every day to make daily life a little bit better for all of us. Their work is essential to advancing our collective progress as a society and bringing about a brighter, more equitable future for all individuals.

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