The first headset that uses solar energy charging is on sale

The first headset that uses solar energy charging is on sale The gadget is targeted at drivers and delivery drivers This is the first solar-powered headset, but it’s not the first device that makes use of the technology.

Blue Tiger is an American company, Blue Tiger launched the first headset that uses solar energy to charge available. The model is called Solare The phone boasts 97 percent noise cancellation, top-quality speakers and an almost endless battery life. The suggested price for this accessory is US219.99. 219.99 within the United States, do not think that this phone will be available to be available in Brazil.

In the beginning of 2022, Solare is described as a product aimed at professional drivers , such as delivery drivers and truck drivers. However Blue Tiger, the manufacturer Blue Tiger also suggests it to those who use chat or meetings apps regularly.

It is American company claims charging is possible outdoors and indoors and draws the power in a manner that does away with the anxiety regarding the battery’s condition.¬†Another aspect that the company has highlighted is the noise cancellation which can be as high as 97%, which is vital for people who spend a lot of time in the car and need to be able to communicate on long journeys.

It connects by Bluetooth 5.0 and Alexa and Siri virtual assistants are also supported.¬†Additionally the Solare headset is equipped with IPX4 which means that it’s water-resistant.¬†In addition, the product comes with specifications that conform to the MIL-STD-810H standard which is which is an American military standard that is designed to evaluate the strength of products for safety as well as different conditions in the environment.

The first ever solar-powered headset is called Urbanista Los Angeles

It is vital to know Blue Tiger’s Solare is the initial solar powered¬†headset¬†however, it is not the first headset to make use of this kind of technology.¬†In this instance the owner of the name is¬†Los Angeles of the Swedish Urbanista¬†.

Available in two colors that include midnight black and sand gold This accessory is priced at US$199.¬†The manufacturer guarantees around eight hours battery back-up in the event that the customer doesn’t have access to an energy source to charge the battery continuously.

Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 connection and USB-C charging and easy communication via virtual assistants, and hybrid active noise cancellation. The phone is strong enough to support solar cells and is slightly tinier for heads with larger heads.

It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t come with any water protection, and there are no cables for people who would like to use it for games with video, such as.


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