How to Fix Apple Devices not Sync With ITunes

How to Fix Apple Devices not Sync With ITunes

How to Fix Apple Devices not Sync With ITunes – When you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, an icon will typically appear in the Devices section of iTunes on the left column of the PC. This icon indicates that the iPhone or iPad has been detected, at which point you are free to create a backup of your Apple device. However, what should you do if iTunes cannot synchronize with your iPhone or iPad?

This is a common issue for first-time Apple users and one that you can easily resolve on your own. In the article, we propose a number of potential solutions to this type of problem, and we believe that they will be effective. Now, if your Apple device will not sync with iTunes, let’s examine what you can do to resolve the issue! READ How to add subtitles to videos on iOS/iPadOS

Check iPhone/iPad Cable

If your computer does not recognize your Apple device, the cable connecting your iPhone or iPad to your computer may be malfunctioning. Verify that the USB cable that came with your Apple product is not damaged or otherwise malfunctioning.

If the USB cable is functioning properly but you are still unable to sync iTunes with your iPhone or iPad, try plugging it into a different port on your computer. If it begins to function, the port preceding it on your computer is defective and must be replaced.

Both the computer and the iPad/iPhone should be rebooted

If you have confirmed that both the USB cable and the PC port are functioning properly, but you are still unable to sync iTunes, you should try the following workaround. Your Apple device and your computer must both be restarted. It is astounding how many common computer and Apple product issues can be resolved with a simple restart or reboot.

Restarting your personal computer requires nothing more than turning it off, waiting a few seconds, and then turning it back on (PC).

Simply pressing and holding the home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously will restart your iPad or iPhone. This will continue until the Apple logo is displayed.

After both devices have been restarted, you can attempt to connect them so that your Apple device can access iTunes. I sincerely hope that it works and resolves the issue. ALSO READ How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen

Reinstall Apple’s iTunes software

It is recommended that you reinstall the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPad if you are still unable to sync iTunes with either device. To accomplish this, you must first remove the application from your computer. Simply open the Start Menu on your Windows PC, navigate to Control Panels, select the options for Programs and Features, and then scroll down until you locate the iTunes application. After that, give it a right-click with your mouse and select “Uninstall” from the menu that appears.

After you have completed those steps, you will be able to download the most recent version of the iTunes app onto your personal computer. I’m crossing my fingers that this time it will work and that your Apple device will be able to sync with iTunes.

Why is my iTunes not syncing across devices?

Ensure that Sync Library is enabled on all of your devices and that they are all signed in with the same Apple ID used for Apple Music. If your music collection is stored on your computer, you should check the cloud status of songs to locate missing music and resolve any problems.

Why isn’t my iPhone syncing with iTunes?

Occasionally, your iPhone may be the source of the synchronization issue. You can resolve the issue by restarting your iPhone. You must disconnect your device from the computer, turn it off, and then turn it back on to overcome iTunes sync issues.


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