Fix Apple Watch doesn’t unlock Mac

Fix Apple Watch doesn’t unlock Mac

Fix Apple Watch doesn’t unlock Mac – Since some time, Apple has allowed Mac users with the Apple Watch access to unlock their computers simply through the watch — just one of the many advantages of Apple’s Apple ecosystem. It is recommended you read this¬†How to show accessibility shortcut in the menu bar in Mac.

Compatible Macs and Apple Watches

It’s best to understand the requirements needed in order for the feature to function it: you must have an Mac that was released mid-2013 or later and running macOS Higher or newer system. To know if your Mac supports the feature, select the Apple logo located in the lower left-hand corner in macOS and then click on “About This Mac“.

The compatibility issue is a problem with Macs is more difficult when it comes to Apple Watches the story is distinct: every model that has ever been released is compatible, starting from the initial Generation (launched on the 15th of November in 2015) through the Series 7 — and any future updates, of course.

Keep in mind that, in order to be able to use this feature with the original version of Apple Watches, Series 1 and Series 2, you must be running watchOS 3.0 or higher.

How to fix the issue

  • Be sure that you’re Apple Watch or Mac are up-to-date to the most recent version of the operating system they are running, since Apple often fix possible bugs that can occur.
  • Try turning off this feature and then back on. To achieve this On Mac start by opening “System Preferences”, click on “Security & Privacy” and under”General”, click on the “General” tab, uncheck and then check the box “Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac”.
  • To use this feature it is necessary to be wearing your watch that is unlocked and in close proximity to your Mac.
  • Restart your Mac as well as your Apple Watch.
  • Make sure that your Mac or Apple Watch have their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on.
  • Check that you have the “Auto login” option is switched off. To turn it off you need to navigate to “System Preferences”, click on “Users and Groups” and then click on “Start Options”. Select the padlock (in the upper left-hand corner) and enter your password, and check whether the option is turned off on the drop down list that appears first.
  • In more some instances you can try resetting your Apple Watch and Mac to default settings.

If none of these topics does not resolve the issue you are facing, then its recommended to call Apple Support — at 0800-761-0880 on the support website or through the Support app available in the App Store.


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