How to Fix error 0x80070490 after Windows update

How to Fix error 0x80070490 after Windows update
How to Fix error 0x80070490 after Windows update – After a Windows update, you may encounter error 0x80070490. It’s possible! Regular updates have to be performed on your computer. There is a chance that an error message 0x80070490 appears shown after an update. The most common cause is the necessary item to update the software was not found in the update program. In the next article, we will present an option to fix the issue. Learn How to Fix the Windows 10 Update Error 0xC1900200 will help you understand How to Fix error 0x80070490 after Windows update¬†better.

Quick Guide: Fix Error 0x80070490

  1. In Windows Search start type cmd.
  2. Now select in the ” Command Prompt” and run ” as Administrator “.
  3. In the Command Prompt window, enter the command scannow sfc . After that, press Enter to confirm. Enter key for confirmation.
  4. The System search validation next in which corrupted files are fixed. After the process has been completed then you can download your Windows update once more.
  5. Press the Windows menu by pressing the [Windows+ I] key combination. Scroll down until ” Update & Security ” and then click on it.
  6. Go next to ” Check for updates “. The Windows system will check to see if there are any new updates installed and will install the updates. The error code 0x80070490 will be resolved following that.

Quick Guide If the error is still there

  1. Start your Windows settings using the combination [Windows + I and then click on the option ” Update & Security “.
  2. On the menu to the left click ” Troubleshooting ” and then click on ” Additional troubleshooting “.
  3. In the ” Fix it directly ” menu Click ” Windows Update ” and then in the next step, click ” Start the troubleshooter “. After troubleshooting is finished the computer will undergo an automated reset of your computer. Error code 0x80070490 will not show on the next reboot.


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