How do I fix my iPhone’s message indexing?

Navigate to the settings menu and select Siri & Search.
Turn off the Show Siri Suggestions In App and Show In Search options by scrolling down until you reach the messaging app.
If you’re using an older version of iOS, you’ll need to disable Siri & Suggestions or Siri Search & Suggestions.
Put an end to using the Settings app…
Restart your device.

How do I get messages to finish indexing?

On the other hand, if indexing your messages appears to be an impossible task that cannot be finished, you can try some alternative solutions to fix the problem.

When the messages have finished indexing, a message that says there are more results will be displayed.
Try turning Siri on and off, and look for it in the settings.
Select the info option to view all of the attachments and display the options.

How do I fix the crash in my iMessage app?

You can restart iMessage by going to Settings > Messaging and turning off iMessage. After that, you should power off your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button, then swiping to the power off position. Finally, you should wait for the iPhone to restart.
After you have restarted your device, navigate to Settings > Messaging and activate iMessage there.

Why are my messages messed up on iPhone?

You can disable and re-enable iMessage.

Turning iMessage off and then back on again is a simple step that can sometimes solve issues that arise with the messaging service. Imagine that you are restarting your iPhone; in effect, you are doing the same thing for iMessage. Launch the Settings app, then select Messages from the menu. Then, at the very top of the screen, next to where it says iMessage, tap the button.


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