How to Fix Plugged in and not Charging in Windows 7

How to Fix Plugged in and not Charging in Windows 7

What is Plugged In Not Charging

The 60% message (plugged in, but not charging) suggests that the battery % is at 60 and charger is plugged. In this mode the battery will not fully charge even after connecting to an AC adapter, which helps to extend battery life.

Causes of Plugged in But Not Charging in Window 7?

Reasons are many, the first the is to make sure the Laptop Charger is in good condition, ensure your charger is properly plugged in to the laptop, is usually ok too to confirm if the charging port is working fine too. Ensure your system battery is in google condition. After these to the last resort is from the windows OS or the system driver.

How Do I Know If My Laptop Battery Is Okay?

HP Notebook Computers: The charge indicator is turned on and off as the battery is charged. If the indicator for battery charge blinks on and off, when an AC adapter has been connected , and the battery is charging and the battery is still low, then the battery is depleted.

How do you repair the registry of Windows 7 system registry

Select the Start menu and then choose Control Panel . Select Restore >> System Restore and choose an appropriate restore point. If your computer has the System Restore feature turned on, Windows will display the most recent restore point. If there isn’t a restore point, use the “Show more restore points” box to display the most recent points. Every restore point is going to show the date that it was made along with a description of the point.



Click the button. Search for damaged applications to view the entire list of drivers and programs to delete them from your computer, and also remove any programs that could not work in a proper manner following restoration. Click the next Next > End to start the restoration process. It could take several minutes. Following the restoration procedure is completed, the PC will restart. You can also clean Windows 7 registry.

Update Drivers for Windows 7

Every time a drive is formatted and the operating system is installed again or the first time it is installed it is crucial to install the correct driver software to make sure that the hardware devices and the software running on your computer are able to communicate and, as a result, the computer runs smoothly, without any performance issues or problems. The improperly installed drivers or the inability of using the correct driver program can result in significant problems while using Windows such as issues in connection with graphic cards (which can cause crashes) or sound issues and more. These issues can cause a lot of trouble for user. Many users uses the Microsoft operating systems.

Modern operating systems, including Windows 7, offer some problems when it comes down to finding drivers because manufacturers of parts have to create programs that are 100% compatible. This software called driver identifier helps you to scan your pc and show up the link for the missing or obsolete software.


If you are facing Fix Plugged in and not Charging in Windows 7  try to follow above state steps aforementioned to easily fixing not charging.


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