A Guide to Making Microsoft Windows Vista Run Faster

A Guide to Making Microsoft Windows Vista Run Faster

A Guide to Making Microsoft Windows Vista Run Faster – When I’m using my computer, nothing frustrates me more than when the hard drive takes too long to do something. When I decide to complete a task on my laptop, I do not want to wait for the job to be completed; instead, I require that the completion of the study be immediate.

Here are the three most effective and straightforward approaches to speeding up Windows Vista:

Uninstall Unnessary Softwares

When you purchase a brand-new computer in this day and age, you will discover that it comes pre-installed with a lot of software that you neither want nor require. Because of this, I strongly suggest going into your control panel, selecting Programs, and selecting the option to Remove programs. After accessing this section, you can remove all the programs you have decided you do not want.

After you have removed all unused software from your computer, the next step is to remove all of the leftover shards of files associated with the software. In most cases, the control panel on your computer will not delete all of the the.dll and.exe files in the programs.

But before it finds the one it needs, your computer will spend some time looking through all those files to find the one it needs. This is one of the primary contributors to your computer’s sluggish performance.

Because of this, I am confident in recommending a piece of software known as CCleaner.

This is an excellent piece of software formerly known as Crap Cleaner. It will enable you to clean out all of the leftover software bits, causing your computer to run more slowly.

Defragment Your Hardrive

The process of writing files to a disc by a computer that does not simultaneously keep all of the data in a single location is known as fragmentation. In other words, if you just saved a large image you created in Gimp, the painting may be located near the middle of the disc, whereas you may discover the shortcut to the picture near the end. This causes the disc to take a more extended amount of time to locate the image. One of the reasons why your computer is running so slowly is because you have to gather all the necessary components to carry out the required task.

Because of this, you should defragment your computer about once every thirty days at the very least. You should avoid defragmenting your hard drive too frequently because doing so will place additional strain on the mechanical components found inside the computer, which will hasten the rate at which these components wear out.

Avoid unnessary use of Wallpaper

You might not be aware of this, but the photographs taken with your new digital camera with 12 megapixels are not the best choice for your wallpaper. Your desktop wallpaper has to be redrawn on your computer each time it needs to perform an activity because your computer has to refresh its memory constantly. This diverts a significant amount of resources away from the regular computing tasks that you perform. When your graphics card is redrawing your wallpaper, it is not working on the job that you require it to work on.

Think about using the wallpapers and themes already pre-installed on your Windows Vista operating system.


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