How to Hide Your iPhone iPhone/iPad IP Address in Safari

How to Hide Your iPhone iPhone/iPad IP Address in Safari

iOS/iPadOS 15 ( and, soon, macOS Monterey 12 ) brought some good privacy feature. Apart from iCloud+, which has features such as the ability to hide your email There were other updates which were also very much appreciated. Its recommended you read How to protect your privacy while using Mail [iPhone and iPad] before learning How to Hide Your iPhone iPhone/iPad IP Address in Safari.

This gives you the option to hide the IP address within the browser of your choice of iPhones iPads, iPhones and Mac.

This could stop trackers from obtaining more information about you.

This feature is available to users with iOS/iPadOS updated and does not require you to sign up for iCloud+.

To enable it, open Settings and navigate into “Safari“. After that, tap “Hide IP Address” and select “From Trackers“.

If you’re using an iCloud+ account as well and the Private Relay feature is on You can select “Trackers and Sites“, “Trackers Only” or “Off” in the same section.

How to Enable Private Relay on iPhone/iPad

Private Relay, currently in beta is designed to hide important details (such like IP addresses or locations) to prevent tracking data and recording usage patterns.

To enable this feature Open Settings, select your username at the top, choose the iCloud tab, then Private Relay and turn it off.

On the right side of this button, in “IP Address Location” you can select between two options available: “Keep General Location” or “Use Country and Time Zone”.

The first method uses the general IP address to ensure that the websites you visit will provide local content to you in Safari. The second lets you make use of a larger location for your IP address, based on the country, while taking into account the timezone of your.


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