How to Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad

How to Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad

How to Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are some of the most personal items one could have, especially given the amount of data and private information that is stored there. Although we have passwords and several apps to improve the security of these devices, it’s always good to take advantage of the devices’ native functions to our benefit.

In the case of iPhones and iPads, for example, you can easily hide photos, especially if you are working with the new Apple Pencil. To find out how, just check out our tips below and also learn about How to read QR Code on an iPhone without downloading additional apps.

How to hide photos on iOS

There are some very useful apps that can help you hide iOS photos, but you can also do it natively and without having to install anything. To get started, open your photo gallery on your iPhone or iPad.

Then open a photo that you want to hide and click on the share icon.

One of the options in the small share menu is “Hide”. This is the option you should select to hide your photo.

Your device will still ask if you really want to do it and will warn you that the image will not appear in the album in question, but that it will still have an exclusive space in your gallery. Just click “Hide Photo” to confirm.

That’s it, you easily share your iPhone with friend of loved ones with no fear of privacy issues, the album to other people without fear of them seeing a photo you don’t want. The hidden photos will be in a special folder in your gallery, titled “Hidden Items”

Pretty simple, isn’t it?! You can do this with as many photos as you like, but to apply a security password to the hidden photos folder, it’s best to resort to a more specific app.


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