How to Check Screen Time On iPhone in 2022

How to Check Screen Time On iPhone in 2022

How to Check Screen Time On iPhone in 2022: Let us reassure you that we are available to help if you’re having trouble figuring out how to check your screen time on your iPhone. iPhones offer you the option to keep a record of how much time you and your family members spend using your devices, the apps you use the most frequently, how often you pick up your device, and much more. This is similar to the Digital Wellbeing feature available on Android smartphones.

The iPhone’s Screen Time feature enables you to keep an eye on how you’re using it and take the necessary steps to improve your digital well-being, such as scheduling screen-free time, setting app usage limits, etc.

How to check screen time on iPhone via setting method

Using Settings on the iPhone, checking screen time is very easy. You must always enable the screen time iPhone before viewing it. Only if this feature is turned “On” will the screen time information be recorded.

Simply take the following actions:

Step 1: Open your iPhone’s “Settings” menu and choose the “Screen Time” feature from the list.

Step 2: If the screen time setting is disabled, enable it. Only if the option is enabled can you view the reports. Tap the “Weekly Reports” option, then click “Continue” to view the report. On the extended Screen Time page, you must verify that “This is my iPhone” in order to configure additional parental controls on your iPhone.

Step 3: The screen time report appears as shown in the screenshot below.

Screen time can also be divided up by customizing it with “App Limits.” This option deconstructs screen time by showing the number of hours invested in each iPhone app.

Solution to Screen Time on iPhone that is not Working

1. Force the Devices to Restart: Screen Time may not function properly due to a brief communication error between the parent/guardian and child devices. In this situation, restarting the devices forcibly might fix the issue. Make sure the child is not using a hack to get around Apple Screen Time before continuing.

Wait for five minutes while all connected devices including the phones of the guardian/parent, child, and other Apple products like a Mac are turned off.

Turn on the guardian’s device now, and then wait five minutes.
Then turn on each child’s device one at a time, if there are multiple devices, and see if Screen Time is functioning properly.
If not, press and then release the iPhone’s volume up button.
Then, tap and release the iPhone’s volume-down button.
Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, press and hold the side button of the iPhone.

After your iPhone has turned on, release the side button, and force restart all of your other devices using steps 4 to 6.
Check to see if the screen time problem has been fixed after that.

2. Update the OS on the Devices to the Most Recent Build: The OS of any device owned by a parent, guardian, or child may be outdated, which could lead to incompatibility between the devices and Screen Time and prevent the latter from properly enforcing its rules and policies on the latter. Here, updating the OS on the devices to the most recent build might fix the Screen Time issue. We’ll go over how to update the iOS on an iPhone to help explain.

The iPhone should first be fully charged and, if possible, connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Now open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose General from the list of options.

Open Software Update at this time, and if an iOS update is displayed, download and install it.

After finishing, restart your iPhone and make sure all other connected devices have their operating systems updated to the most recent versions.
After that, make sure Apple Screen Time is operating properly.

3. Upgrade the device’s apps to the most recent build: The current problem might arise if the problematic app (like Chrome) is out of date and incompatible with the Screen Time modules. The Apple Screen Time issue may be resolved in this case by updating the problematic app to the most recent build.

Go to the updates section by scrolling down and selecting Update All or Update for the problematic app.

Restart the phone after updating the problematic apps to see if the Screen Time problem has been fixed.

4. Disable the devices’ Low Power Mode: A low power mode is available on many Apple devices, including the iPhone. In this mode, the device stops a lot of unnecessary processes, such as background app activities and Screen Time modules. It’s possible that the disabled background operations won’t allow Screen Time to monitor or block the apps if any of your devices are in Low Power Mode.

Here, turning off the devices’ low power mode could fix the Screen Time problem. We will go over how to turn off the iPhone’s Low Power Mode in order to clarify.

Turn the switch on Low Power Mode’s off position now, and then turn off Low Power Mode on all other connected devices.

After that, see if Screen Time has resumed functioning normally.

5. Turn off cross-device sharing A Screen Time Feature: Share Across Devices is a feature of Apple Screen Time. When this feature is activated, the behavior of Screen Time is the same across all of your (iCloud-connected) devices. The current Screen Time issue might arise if the Screen Time “thinks” that a connected child device is your (parent/guardian) device and does not apply the Screen Time policy to that child device. Here, turning off Apple Screen Time’s Share Across Devices feature may fix the issue. We’ll go over how to disable Share Across Device on an iPhone as an example.

Now turn off Share Across Devices by flipping a switch next to it, and then restart the device.

Repeat these steps on additional devices to disable Share Across Devices, and then check to see if Apple Screen Time is operating as needed.

6. Alter the Apple Screen Time setting: Disabling/enabling the Apple Screen Time feature may fix the issue if the child’s Screen Time malfunctions momentarily.

To turn it off, tap Turn Off Screen Time and then click Confirm. Keep in mind that all previous data and configurations will be lost.
Restart your iPhone as well as any other devices you may have (such as a child’s iPhone, a MacBook, etc.).
After restarting, turn on Screen Time and see if everything is running smoothly.
Disable Screen Time and restart the iPhone for a fresh start if the problem persists (as discussed earlier).
Restart the device, then enable Screen Time to ensure it is operating properly.
If not, open the iPhone Settings app and choose Screen Time on a parent or guardian’s iPhone.
Now click on the child’s name, and then click Turn Off Screen Time at the bottom of the screen to turn off screen time.
now open the iPhone Settings on the child’s iPhone and choose the child’s Apple ID (near the top right).
After that, tap Sign Out near the bottom of the screen, then choose to sign out of the iPhone.

Turn off the child’s iPhone now, and then wait five minutes.
Next, turn on the kid’s iPhone and open the Settings app.
Select Sign into Your iPhone from the menu that appears, then sign in with the child’s Apple ID.

Set up Screen Time on the parent or guardian’s iPhone next, and then verify that it is functioning properly.

How to block screen time on iPhone through FamiSafe

The FamiSafe tool can now be used to limit screen time on an iPhone. This tool is safe software, as its name suggests, and it ensures family safety in the face of the prevalent cybercrimes in the current environment.

Step 1: First, you must download this tool from Wondershare’s official website. To download and try out this fantastic app, click the download button. To download and install this program on your iOS device, go to the App Store. For Famisafe software that is compatible with Android and iOS, there is a separate link. The download process can be successfully finished in just three easy steps. Register with the business after downloading the.exe file. Without any problems, install the tool and explore its features.

Step 2: After the installation, the screen time feature must be activated by clicking the Famisafe software icon.

In order to limit how long your children spend each day using the iPhone, you can also set a screen time limit. With the aid of the “Block Device” option in the screen time window, you can also block apps and devices.

What can FamiSafe do for parental control

The best parental control for the iPhone is the FamiSafe app. It is an app for managing an urgent situation. The majority of children enjoy using their iOS devices and gadgets, which has turned into their craziest pastime. Nothing can take the place of constant entertainment for today’s children. The parents benefit greatly from this parental control app. This iPhone app includes a variety of features to keep an eye on and regulate children’s activity. This tool has many built-in features in place. Browse the bulletins below to find out more information about this app.

The main features of this software are its ability to block apps that are inappropriate for children.
Enable the “Location Tracker” feature to find out where your children are at any given time. It keeps track of the location and monitors it. With the aid of this fantastic software, you can also use the location history to determine which websites your children visit and block them. Famisafe
When you restrict the apps on your iPhone, you can specify a time limit. Whether the device is your own or one that belongs to your child, you can take full control of it using this software.

Benefit of screen time iPhone

There are numerous advantages to using this parental control Famisafe on your devices, which can be listed here. An advantage of using Famisafe to track iPhone screen time is that it aids in addiction recovery. As you are all aware, too much time spent using gadgets can have negative effects on children’s health. The information about screen time helps parents determine whether their children are within the control zone. To be more precise, parents can restrict usage and shield their kids’ eyes.

The screen time iPhone provides a basic idea of how much time your children spend using all of their devices daily. Even your kids will be able to estimate how long they spent using technology that day. By routinely keeping track of this screen time, time limits can be established. Use the screen time settings on your iPhone to force your children to put down their phones. It is a fantastic feature for parents to make many positive changes while providing their children with the best possible care.



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