How to Customize iOS 16 Lock Screen

How to Customize iOS 16 Lock Screen
How to Customize iOS 16 Lock Screen – iOS 16 introduced one of the most significant improvements to the iPhone’s user appearance in the past iOS 7, specifically its lock display. Inspiring from The Apple Watch faces, from now on , you will not just customize your wallpaper in a enjoyable way, but also alter the font of your clock and include widgets such as your activity circles as well as the current temperature for instance.You can also create multiple locked screens, and alter them to your taste and you can even include an option to keep track of an individual Focus .

How can I create a new screen lock?

The easiest method to create the new screen lock is to place your finger over the current locked screen.

Then swipe to the right then tap “+”. Also, click”+” in the bottom right corner “+” in the lower right corner. Go there to Settings > Background Image >”Add A New Background Image and choose “Image Background”.

Once you’ve done that, you can access the shortcuts on the top (such like “Photos”, “Random Photos” and “Emoji”)  After you’ve decided on your preferred option you can now customize the app.

To alter functions like the options for viewing To switch functions such as viewing options, slide left or right. Click on the frames where the widgets are situated to select the type of information you wish to add there.

While you’re still in the editing screen press the button that has three dots (in the lower left corner) to select other options — and they will be based heavily on the photo you’re using. If you’re editing the case of a photograph in portrait image, for instance you’ll be able to select options such as “Low Light” and “Bright Light” such as.

If you’re satisfied with your choices After you’re satisfied, tap “Add” (in the upper right-hand upper right) to save the image. Then, select “Set as Background Image Pair” to start using them now, or click “Custom Home Screen” to modify your screen as well.

When the screens that are locked have been built, you can modify the locked screens. To edit them, hold your finger on at the top of the screen, and then select “Personalize”. If you’d rather the latter option, head into settings >> background image and then Personalize (located just below the start or lock screen).

How to switch between created locked screens

To switch between the different screens you’ve designed Press and place your finger to it, then move your finger to the left or right to select the new screen you are using.

How to erase the locked screen

To erase an unlocked screen, place your finger on the top of the screen, then swipe upwards from the bottom, and then press on the icon for trash. After that, click “Delete This Background Image”.

How to change the way notifications are displayed on the screen locked

As a default setting, iOS 16 notifications are set to “Set”. You can, however, alter the notification type into “Count” or “List”. To do this, go to Settings, click on “Notifications” and choose from three options on right at the very top.


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