how to unpair apple watch

how to unpair apple watch

If you own an Apple Watch and wish to disconnect it from its paired iPhone device entirely unpairing is the necessary step. Whether upgrading devices or preparing for sale or gifting purposes our article provides easy to follow steps for successful unpairing while retaining all saved data.

Steps for Unpairing an Apple Watch:

To ensure no critical information is lost during this process creating a backup of all data is crucial before starting the unpairing procedure.

To back up your Apple Watch information successfully open the Watch app on your iPhone and choose your watch. Next tap on “General ” then select “Reset.” Finally choose “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” to initiate the backup process.

In order to properly remove an Apple Watch device from its currently paired iPhone counterpart open up the “Watch” app on said phone and then select your specific watch within this interface by clicking or tapping directly on its name. Here you can explore various settings relating specifically to this device- including any options for performing an unpairing process.

Locate the “i” icon adjacent to your Apple Watches name within this same interface and click/tap it in order to access additional settings. From here scroll down until you find a selectable option labeled “Unpair Apple Watch.” Once clicked or tapped upon a corresponding confirmation message may appear warning about possible loss of all unsaved data- continue with caution if sure about removing/unparing both devices! Finally confirm this necessary step if proceeding forward by allowing both devices their respective processes towards full disconnection from one another.


For anyone who needs to disconnect their Apple Watch from their iPhone at any time for any reason, the uncomplicated procedure for unpaired disconnection must be followed precisely. Ensure that all data has been backed up beforehand while also considering why it’s vital to accomplish this step if contemplating disposal through selling or gifting away. By following these clear-cut instructions with precision will make it possible for convenient freedom when upgrading one’s device or transitioning ownership with complete peace of mind.


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