iPhone 14 should keep 128 GB Storage

iPhone 14 should keep 128 GB Storage
iPhone 14 should keep 128 GB Storage according analyst With storage capacities of 128GB and 1 TB, the newest versions of Apple phones are expected to be officially revealed in September 10, 2022.

With the upcoming arrival of iPhone 14, the hype of many people is mixed with speculation. The latest information comes straight from Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Securities. The analyst believes it is likely that the Pro models of the iPhone will be available with storage capacity of 128GB. This is different from the suggestions of the research firm TrendForce that predicts launch options of 256GB.

Based on what he wrote in his note for investors Jeff Pu believes that the new Pro version that is part of the iPhone 14 will have storage capacities that are similar to the ones found with the previous 13. It will have 128 GB, 128 GB, 1 TB and 512 GB .

Based on our survey of supply chain and our supply chain survey, we have decided to maintain the iPhone 14 build plan to be 91m by 2H22; an increase from 84m in the iPhone 13 in 2H21, since there isn’t a significant supply chain problem. The next issue to keep an eye on is the price for the iPhone 14 and the wait period before it is released to the market.

With regards to specs We’ve added 128GB of memory to our Pro line-up.

Jeff Pu

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the latest opinions, formulated from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max may be the only models to get Apple’s latest chip . Therefore this long-anticipated Apple A16 would not appear in the models that are intermediate versions of the phone like those of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max that would come with the A15.

The news is that mobile phones will go on sale in September 2022, but an official confirmation from the Apple company isn’t yet in place.

iPhone 14 and its rumors

As time goes by the more speculations and rumors emerge about Apple’s next generation of smartphones. In March as an example, industrial designs were found that hint at the end to the notch that is famously known . A design that was already in use by firms like Samsung as well as Xiaomi.

Another thing to note is the inclusion of an constantly-on display features in the next version of the iPhone 13 . This feature is highly anticipated by fans and can be found only the higher-end versions of phones. This feature permits certain data that are considered to be important, such as notifications and time to always be displayed even with the screen turned off.

In June, Ming Chi Kuo posted via his Medium page that the iPhone 14 should have a better front camera that is more capable and has autofocus. The iPhone 14 were in collaboration along with Sony as well as LG according to the expert.


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