Lenovo unveils augmented reality glasses

Lenovo unveils augmented reality glasses

Lenovo unveils augmented reality glasses – If there’s one thing that a lot of firms — such as Apple , there’s a rumor that suggests that they have been working on getting perfect , it is the augmented/virtual real-world glasses . There have been many attempts however none of them managed to develop an item that could incorporate the same amount of technology that can use on a regular basis, and also any other type of glasses. It appears, however, that Lenovo intends to make a change to the way we use glasses. Would you like to learn about Lenovo S10 Mini Laptop Review, Spec & Price.

An announcement made by the company The Lenovo Glasses T1 promise to “expand the power of smartphones and laptops with a virtual display to create better experiences for everyone”. The glasses will be aimed at all kinds of user, from gamer to streaming users to those with hybrid jobs and need to be always connected.

The T1 Glasses feature 2 Micro OLED panels with a resolution of 1080p each that display Full HD content at a frame rate of 60 Hz. Since the screens are close to the eye they have been certified to be for low-blue light as well as reduce flicker for your comfort. The device also features built-in speakers to provide a full experience.

The specs aren’t very impressive and they’re exactly what it purports be: glasses that have mini screens. The company claims they provide superior image quality and long battery lifespan.

The car claims that the brightness is adequate and the colors are vivid and vibrant, not forgetting that the interface and the text are “clear”. However, because they rely on connections (by the USB-C port or Lightning) to other devices, such as cellphones or computers to function, the vehicle observed that it is a bit strange to manage the device.

Since the goal of the company is to truly mimic and improve the experience offered by other gadgets The glasses do not come with a processor built-in. This is why it’s not possible to carry out more complex tasks. However this choice ended up making it more affordable.

The Glasses T1 from Lenovo will be released at the end of this year China and will then be made available to “selected markets” in 2023. The price of the product will not cost more than 500 dollars which is definitely worth it. Remember, this is well below the potential $3000 Apple will charge for its alleged headset.


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