Who was Marilyn Monroe’s Real Dad? Did She actually Meet Him in Real Life?

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s Real Dad? Did She actually Meet Him in Real Life?

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s Real Dad? Did She actually Meet Him in Real Life? – Netflix’s “Blonde” is a fictionalized account of the life and career Marilyn Monroe. The film follows her rise to stardom, but mainly it focuses on her relationships. Most of them are filled with heartbreak and pain. Even though she is at the top of her career, she has many traumatic experiences and engages in unhealthy relationships.

She struggles to remember her father’s identity throughout the film. Marilyn longs to see her father. His absence is what causes her so much pain. His identity is not revealed in the film, which naturally leads to curiosity. We have all the information you need to learn more about him.

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s father?

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926 to Gladys Baker (nee Monroe). Gladys married John Baker when she was 15 years old. She filed for divorce in 1923. Martin Edward Mortensen was her husband. She began working at Consolidated Film Industries as a film negative cutter. Norma Jeane’s birth record listed Mortenson as her father. Gladys and Mortenson divorced in 1928. However, they separated after only a few months of their marriage. This makes it unlikely that Mortenson is Monroe’s biological father.

Gladys, who worked at Consolidated Film in 1925, allegedly had an affair with Charles Stanley Gifford, a coworker. Although it was impossible to prove that Monroe was biologically fathered by Gifford while they were alive, in 2022, a DNA testing proved otherwise. Francois Pomes’ documentary, “Marilyn, Her Final Secret”, revealed that Monroe was actually Gifford’s father. Ludovic Orlando, a molecular archeologist expert, conducted the DNA research. reports that he used Monroe’s hair sample and Francine Gifford Dier’s saliva to determine if there was a connection.

“The Monroe hair was taken by the embalmer of Monroe’s body. We were able to reconstruct 22% of Monroe’s genetic profile using a DNA fragment in the keratin,” Pomes . John Reznikoff, a world-renowned authenticator provided the hair sample. Pomes, who had “spent years and nights trying to break “a family secrets,” stated that the “thing that touched me most” was “seeing the reaction of Gifford’s family to this irrefutable proof.”

Although Gifford never confessed to Monroe being his father, he did reportedly confess to it to a priest, and asked Charles Jr. to speak to him. Charles Jr. did not speak to the priest but he was suspicious. Francine claims that Charles Jr. was protecting his reputation. She believes her grandfather would have married Gladys, which is what made Monroe’s tragic ending so tragic. Her life would have been more rich if he had acknowledged her. Perhaps her fate would have been different had she belonged to a family such as ours. Perhaps she would have been more strong. “We’ll never know,” she stated.

Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Meet Her Father?

Marilyn Monroe was raised by her mother, and she never knew her father. Gladys once showed Marilyn Monroe a photograph and told her that the man in it was her father. Gladys never reached out to her father and never requested financial support for their daughter’s education. She was soon transferred to a psychiatric facility and kept there for the rest her life. Gladys’ demise in a retirement home on August 31, 1984. Although she did not confirm it, there are reports that she left enough clues to Monroe that she realized Charles Stanley Gifford was her dad.

According to reports, Monroe attempted to contact Gifford multiple times during her life, but was rebuffed each time. According to Monroe’s friends Sidney Skolsky, and Natasha Lytess, he told her that he was married with children, and that he didn’t want her to cause trouble. It did her no good. It broke her heart,” Lytess stated. Monroe was unable to meet Gifford despite all her efforts.


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